Nel Noddings關懷倫理學與其和平教育之蘊義

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本研究使用文獻分析法與詮釋學探討N. Noddings關懷倫理學與其和平教育學說。主要分為三個面向: 1. 闡述Noddings關懷倫理學。 2. 論述何謂和平與Noddings和平教育之脈絡。 3. 說明Noddings關懷倫理學的社群、共善與世界公民、生態的世界主義概念。 Noddings 藉由以關懷倫理學為基礎的道德教育,教導學生如何建立與維持關懷關係,使學生具備關懷的能力,並透過品格教育形成關懷社群,共同創造共善與利他的環境。而Noddings和平教育則跳脫以往沒有暴力便等於和平的論述,轉為從社會與文化等面向去分析戰爭的成因,意圖將學生培養為世界主義之下好的世界公民,達成和平的願景。
This study is using document analysis and hermeneutics to discuss N. Noddings’ ethics of care and peace education. This study is divided into three parts: 1. Narrating Noddings’ ethics of care. 2. Expounding what is peace and context in Noddings’ peace education. 3. Explaining the concepts of community, common good, global citizenship and ecological cosmopolitanism on Noddings’ ethics of care. Noddings tries to teach students how to build and maintain caring relation, make them possessing the ability of care by her moral education, and create a caring community via character education to form a environment with common good and altruism. Regarding peace and peace education, instead of continuously claiming the notion that "absence of voilence is peace", she focuses on analysing factors of war through society and culture. All Noddings wants to do is to nurture students to be good global citizens with cosmopolitanism and to realize peace in the end.



Noddings, 關懷倫理學, 和平教育, Noddings, ethics of care, peace education