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摘 要 本論文是從筆者的創作角度,面對一個主體性的創作探討,將自己的生活經驗、內心的思維模式做創作研究,凝聚呈現至作品中。旨在探討「名畫‧童話」之情境空間、理想與現實的反思。作品透過平面寫實繪畫的創作方式,以油畫材料為此創作的媒材展現,加入後現代多元處理手法的喻意表現。以自己為童話故事主角,穿梭古今、時空交錯於古典名畫與現代文明之中,進行一場穿梭五百年時空的古今交流之旅,呈現了藝術時序的古今錯置。幻化成各種形態或行為表現貫穿故事,改造一個融合古典美學與童話隱喻的繪畫空間,以古典繪畫的創作方式表達象徵隱喻的空間情境。每一個圖像都具有其意義,可以表達理念、記錄經驗、超越時空。無論是自畫像系列、 靜物系列、 童話系列等等,皆是運用一種形象式的象徵,做隱喻與省思。藉由童話故事的奇想與夢幻探索人的內心,以自我形象呈現,每一件創作都是一次的自我內心對話與挑戰,都存在著寓意的故事,關聯到一些名畫童話的歷史和人物,是一本時間記憶與生命延展的故事書,記載著一些奇妙事實和超現實的無數幻想、愛恨情仇、悲歡離合。開啟了筆者內心對現實生活、對理想人生、對未知的未來所要呈現的異想世界。 第一章「緒論」,說明本論文研究動機 、目的、範圍、方法、架構、名詞釋義。 第二章「創作思想及學理基礎」,說明筆者個人創作思想之脈絡源流,在藝術史上從文藝復興(Renaissance)時期至巴洛克(Baroque)時期的繪畫藝術,探討學理基礎,超現實主義(Surrealism)的圖像應用及後現代主義(Postmodernism)的多元處理、個人創作之學理基礎,情境空間的繪畫研究探討。 第三章「創作理念」,創作理念之剖析與實踐,說明筆者個人創作理念之形成,分為:一、古典靜物的象徵隱喻,二、人物與情境空間之展現,三、後現代挪用與拼貼之運用,並將創作媒材與技法的運用做解析。 第四章「作品解析」,論述創作作品之思考緣由,並詮釋創作內容形式之象徵意義。將創作作品分為:一、童話系列,二、自畫像系列,三、靜物系列。 第五章「結論」,本章總結研究成果及筆者個人創作心得,此系列創作研究只能是階段性成果,藝術創作是一條永無止盡的路.雖感自身能力有限,希望透過不斷的思考與努力,讓筆者自己的每件創作作品能夠今日比昨日更好,未來比現在更進步。
Abstract This thesis is a research on the subjectivity of art creation from my observation, based on art works inspired by life experience, along with the pattern of my inner thought. The purpose is to study the reflection of ideal and reality between “Famous Paintings& Fairy Tales”. Throughout the graphics and realistic painting technics, all the art works are created via oil painting materials with some diversity of postmodernism.by transforming into the main characters, I crisscross between ancient and modern times, wonder around classical paintings and modern civilization, travel from modern times back to 500 years ago, to present misplaced timeline of arts. By converting to different forms or behaviors throughout the story to reconstruct the paintings blended with classical aesthetics and metaphors from fairy tales. Further, classical painting technique is used to express the hint messages in the paintings. Every image has its own significance to express the idea, to record the experience, to surpass the time and space. No matter they are series of self-portrait, still life or fairy tale etc., those symbolized images represent metaphors and self-reflections. Every self-image represents fantastic and imaginary fairy tale stories which explore human`s inner thoughts. Each time, each work expresses my inner dialogues and the challenge that I faced, which implies messages from stories, related to histories and figures from the famous children`s stories. It is a story book of time, memory and life extension which records marvelous facts, numerous imagination, love& hatred, joy & sorrow. I opened my heart to life, dreams and the unknown future, further to create my own fantasy world. Chapter One, "Introduction", indicates motivation of this thesis, objective, scope, methodology, structure, definition of terminology. Chapter Two, "Thought of Creation and Theoretical Foundation", specifies the idea of creation, based on the history of art from the Renaissance to the Baroque , explore the theoretical basis, application of the images of Surrealism, and Multiple Processing Basis of Postmodernism , the rationale behind individual creations , the study of situational paintings. Chapter three, "Creative Ideas", analyses and practice of ideas, indicates the formation of personal ideas, divided into: 1. the classical symbol and metaphor of still life; 2. the expression of space and characters; 3. the application of postmodernism and collage, analysis of the materials and techniques. Chapter Four, "Analysis of Works", discussion and reflection on the rationale behind the works, interpretation of the symbols and images in the paintings. All the works are categorized into: 1. Fairy tales series; 2. Self-Portrait series; 3, Still Life series. Chapter Five, "Conclusion and Prospect", this chapter summarizes the research and experiences of creating. However, this research might only be a provisional achievement, after all, art and creation are infinite. Throughout the constant effort and breakthrough, regardless of the limited capability, I wish each of my work will be better than yesterday, and each of them will be a new achievement.



名畫, 童話, 情境, 空間, 隱喻, 象徵, 文藝復興, 巴洛克, Famous Paintings, Fairy Tales, circumstance, space, Metaphor, symbol, the Renaissance, the Baroque