Issues and Solutions in Taiwan-Vietnam International Cooperation of Technological and Vocational Education

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In the beginning of 21 century, Taiwan eventually joined WTO in 2002 and became a member of it after endeavor of 12 years. It influences significantly not only in economy, politics, but also in education. Higher education, introduce of foreign academic system accelerates the internationalization and globalization of colleges and universities. However, it also makes many of our TVE schools operate more difficultly, because they have problem of lacking of students originally, but now they even have to compete with foreign schools. In order to resolve the impact, change our position from “educational importing country” to “educational exporting country is a good way. The study focuses on exploration of top critical issues in Taiwan-Vietnam international cooperation of technological and vocational education with Modified Delphi technique designed by the researcher first and is assisted with interview with educational officers in Ministry of Education in Taiwan and in Ministry of Education and Training in Vietnam later to seek for the solutions.



Modified-Delphi technique, Technological and vocational education, International cooperation, Taiwan-Vietnam