E. Lévinas 為他倫理學及其教育蘊義

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本論文旨在探討列維納斯為他倫理學要義及其教育蘊義。列維納斯師承胡塞爾與海德格,但卻另闢蹊徑重思人與人之間的關係。列維納斯認為人與人的關係是一種倫理關係,而他者無法為我所整全的他異性、無限性、超越性以及外部性,使我對他者負有一種無法逃避的無限應承之責,這個對他者的責任正是萌發於我與他者面對面邂逅之際。 在教育領域裡,透過對列維納斯為他倫理學的詮釋,使我們得以重構一種師生互為他者的不對稱責任式師生關係,在這種不對稱責任式師生關係中,經由「我有權利教嗎?」、感受性的培養、一期一會的與接納的信念這四個部份,來重思教師的責任。
This paper aims to explore the main topics of Lévinas’ philosophy and its implications of education. Lévinas’ teacher are Husserl and Heidegger but he creates a new way to rethink the interpersonal relationship. Lévinas asserts that the interpersonal relationship is a moral relationship. The unintergratable alterity, infinity, transcendence, and exteriority of the Other gives us a unescapable and infinite responsibility for the Other and the responsibility will appear when we encounter face to face with the Other. In the field of education, through the interpretations of Lévinas’philosophy, we can reconstruct the teacher-student relationship into a asymmetrical and responsible relationship, and in this relationship teacher and student are the Other to each other. Finally, through the four ideas of “do I have the right to teach?”, suspectuality, an encounter a life , and reception will let us reconsider the responsibility of teacher.



列維納斯, 為他倫理學, 他者, 臉龐, 責任, Lévinas, ethics of responsibility-for-the-Other, face, the Other, responsibility