3D Studio Max繪圖軟體之燈光照明設定

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本研究主要探討3D Studio Max繪圖軟體之燈光照明設定的研究與應用。具體而言,欲達成之研究目的如下:(一)探討3D電腦繪圖於室內場景燈光照明的相關知識;(二)探討影響3D電腦繪圖於室內場景燈光指令的要素;(三)建構最佳3D電腦繪圖室內場景燈光照明模式;(四)綜合以上研究,提供學校、電腦教育與設計人員在3D室內透視圖燈光運用上之繪圖依據。 為達成此上述目的,運用文獻分析法、專家與學者訪談與專業作品燈光要點分析進行相關文獻蒐集,以作為本研究理論基礎,藉由前述基礎之上,建立電腦實驗研究法之架構,並以室內空間—客廳為例,應用3ds max7.0做客廳場景的佈光研究。所得之作品,以專家評比的方式審核。審核結果進行平均數與標準差的運算,循科學理性的原則探討不同模式間的差異,期能獲得客觀、確切之結論與建議。依據研究目的,本研究獲得之結論如下: 一、3D電腦繪圖於室內場景燈光照明的相關知識為空間性質的瞭解、3D空間中,光常用的表現形式、相似空間的圖片蒐集參考、燈光效果的資料蒐集、營造的氣氛決定、燈光類型與表現形式之選用、相對燈光指令使用、美學形式。 二、影響3D電腦繪圖於室內場景燈光指令的要素為光的類型、光在空間中的自然現象、燈光的目的、燈光美學形式、室內空間設計燈光的需求、3D空間中光常用的表現形式。 三、最佳3D電腦繪圖室內場景燈光照明模式為模式一的普遍性照明。 綜合以上研究過程與相關數值的影響,分項評比的結果將可作為學校教學、電腦教育與設計人員,在3D室內透視圖的燈光運用上,提升繪圖效果的依據。 關鍵字:3D Studio Max、電腦繪圖、燈光照明
This research mainly probes into the study and application of the light illumination setting in 3D Studio Max. Specifically speaking, the research purpose I want to achieve are as follows, (1) discuss the knowledge related to 3d computer graphics in an indoor scene (2) discuss which elements influence the command of indoor light in 3d computer graphics (3) construct the best indoor light illumination model in 3d computer graphics (4) combine above investigations to provide school, computer education and designers with a basic principle about light application of indoor 3d perspective drawing. In order to achieve the above purpose, I collected related literature through documentary analysis, interview with professionals and scholars, and analysis of specialized works to establish the theoretical basis of this research. According to the above basis, I built the structure of computer experiment method and used 3ds max7.0 to research on methods of arranging the light in the interior space, for example, living room. The works obtained by this way were scored and examined by experts; in order to get the objective and accurate outcomes and suggestions, I calculated mean and standard deviation of these results, and discussed the differences between various models in a rational scientific way. Based on the research purpose, the research results are as follows: (1) The related knowledge about indoor light illumination in 3d computer graphics are understanding of space nature, the usual light form in 3d space, collecting pictures in the similar space as a reference, gathering the information about light effect, decision of intended atmosphere, choice of lightening type and expression form, use of relative lightening command and aesthetic form. (2) The elements that influence the command of indoor light in 3d computer graphics are light type, natural phenomenon of light in the space, purpose of lightening, aesthetic form of lightening, demand of lightening in interior design, and the usual light form in 3d space. (3) The best indoor light illumination model in 3d computer graphics is model 1-General light. Under the influence of the above research process and related values, the results compared in different items can provide school teaching, computer education and designers with a basis on improving the skill at lightening utilization in indoor 3d perspective drawing.



3D Studio Max, 電腦繪圖, 燈光照明, 3D Studio Max, computer graphic, light illumination