Biomechanical analysis of back kicks attack movement in Taekwondo

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The purpose of this study is to compare three Taekwondo back kicks attack movements. Seven male Taekwondo athletes (age: 21.0 ± 2.0 year old, height: 180.4 ± 4.4cm, weight: 69.1 ± 26.1kg) performed the back kick, jump back kick and 360° jump back kick where the left leg was attack leg. Two Redlake (60Hz) cameras and an accelerometer were used to collect data. The results revealed that the jump back kick’s attack force is greater than in 360° jump back kick. The angular velocity of knee and low trunk of back kick and jump back kick are faster than 360° jump back kick during rotation phase. The 360° jump back kick has a greater attack height and distance when striking the bag. The study suggests back kicking as important skill which the athletes need to practice for improving the kicking ability.