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心境隨每個人的生活背景而有所不同,且也隨著年紀增長而變化,不同的時空當然內心嚮往必然是很不一樣,對那渴望的空間我們存在著一種美化的理想,也許在那寧靜的思想中頻頻對我召換。 既然對心中嚮往的的意境有所幻想,那麼就用筆者所擅長的筆墨,毫不掩飾的把它表現出來,這樣的水墨表現,可讓自己沈溺於山川林霧的寧靜空間,也讓自己短暫的逃避世俗的心靈騷擾,在這尺幅的山水間,心是遼闊的,是安詳的,拋棄塵囂的罣礙,讓靈魂自由自在穿梭於傲松草廬中,遊蕩小橋山澗上,觀看那雄擴壯大的山巒疊翠,也可漫步水窮處坐看雲起時,這奢望的暇想空間不也是繁忙的人情社會所缺的嗎? 因筆者寄情山水之情濃郁不可得,只好透過繪畫方式表達內心深切的情感,在以山水為主的繪畫思想上,運用了不同的山林景觀,也適當的加入點景物象,除做為畫者與觀賞中寄予的靈魂出口外,也能使整個畫面豐富多彩。 本研究在水墨創作中將「心」與「境」相互連結在一起,透過技法與空間景觀的營造,努力展現筆者內心那種嚮往的世界,藉此虛擬的畫面洗滌世俗的是非,坐擁片刻靜心後,讓觀者可拋開當下現實的煩惱。 本研究在水墨創作中將「心」與「境」相互連結,也就是把心中嚮往的心境具像為眼界能看到的實境畫面,透過這個真實的畫面給每個觀賞的人都可透過潛在的靈魂自由的進出其中,人是自然界的一份子,當然內心都有回歸自然的衝動,或許我們不能隨時倘遊山水之間,但面對我的作品您卻可寄情於眼前的山水間。 本論文共分有六章節,第一章緒論有四小節,主要內容為研究的動機與目的,研究的內容與範圍,研究的方法與步驟和名詞釋義,第二章「心境」的意象與「山水」的連結共有四小節,主要內容是論述南宗與北宗的意象型態,皴法用筆的表徵與作用,山水結構分析和歷代的著名山水畫家的介紹,第三章「心境」創作理念的分析與探討,共分有三小節,主要內容有象徵性的符號組合分析,多點透視的畫面與遷想妙得山水的創作意境探討,第四章創作形式與內容分析,所要分析的內容為創作的理念與歷程,創作內容與題材的選擇與創作形式、技法與媒材,第五章個人創作作品解析,本章以演進的過程分為雄壯系列、意境系列、現代系列,第六章結論,本章為對筆者過去創作上的省思與對未來的期許。
The state of mind varies with the background of each person's life, and also changes with age. Of course, different times and spaces must have very different inner aspirations. We have a beautifying ideal for that desired space, and maybe in that tranquility Frequently exchanged ideas for me. Since I have a dream about the mood that I yearn for in my heart, I use the pen and ink that I am good at to show him without concealment. This ink and wash expression can let myself indulge in the quiet space of mountains and forests, and let himself Escape the secular spiritual harassment for a short time. In this landscape, the heart is broad and peaceful, abandoning the hustle and bustle, letting the soul freely move through the proud pine grass house, wandering on the small bridge and the mountain, watching that The vast expanse of mountains and mountains can also be strolled in the water to sit and watch the clouds rise. Isn't this extravagant leisure space lacking in the busy human society? Because the author's sentiment is strong and unreachable, I had to express my deep feelings through painting. In my painting thoughts based on landscapes, I used different mountain and forest landscapes, and also added some scenes appropriately. In addition to being a painter, Besides the exit of the soul sent during the viewing, the whole picture can also be colorful. This research connects the "heart" and "realm" in the ink and wash creation. Through the creation of techniques and spatial landscape, it strives to show the world of the author's heart, and uses the virtual picture to cleanse the mundane right and wrong. After meditation, allow the viewer to put aside the real worries of the moment. This study interconnects the "heart" and the "realm" in the creation of ink and wash, that is, the ideal environment that the heart yearns for is represented as a realistic picture that can be seen by the horizon. Through this real picture, it can be used by everyone who watches it. Through the potential soul to enter and exit freely, man is a member of the natural world. Of course, there is an impulse to return to nature in the heart. Maybe we can't swim between the mountains and the river at any time, but in the face of my work, you can send your love to the mountains and rivers in front of you. This thesis is divided into six chapters, and the first chapter has four subsections. The main content is the motivation and purpose of the research, the content and scope of the research, the method and steps of the research, and the interpretation of the nouns. There are four sections in the link of "Landscape", the main content is to discuss the image form of Nanzong and Beizong, the characterization and function of the pen in the method, the analysis of the landscape structure and the introduction of the famous landscape painters of all generations, the third chapter "Mental State" creation The analysis and discussion of ideas are divided into three subsections. The main content includes symbolic symbol combination analysis, multi-point perspective pictures and imagination. The discussion of the creative artistic conception of landscapes, Chapter IV. Creation form and content analysis, the content to be analyzed For the concept and course of creation, the selection of creative content and subject matter, the creative form, techniques and media, Chapter 5 Analysis of Personal Creation Works, this chapter is divided into a majestic series, artistic conception series and modern series in the process of evolution. Chapter 6 Conclusion , This chapter is about the author's past thoughts and future expectations.



心境, 水墨, 意境, 山水, Mood, Ink, Landscape