藝術創作藉由數位工具的普及,已經進入另一種形式的表現,藝術工作者,不僅要具備更寬廣的胸襟,去接納並欣賞各種工具的表現形式,尤其是現階段的數位藝術創作更應以跨領域的態度去面對,科技與人文藝術的整合已是當務之急,數位藝術家更需要以人文思維大於科技思維的態度,作為創作的表現。 本研究以文獻探討的方式,首先分析數位藝術的價值、發展與未來,將目前數位藝術的定位作釐清,並以3D的現階段表現與應用作為創作的導引,最後歸納分析超現實主義風格創作手法,應用於3D數位造型的創作。 從本研究的探討得知,藝術創作如能適度的與夢境作結合,必能超越理性的創造力,超現實主義藉由夢境的引領,以真實不虛偽的潛意識思維創作,用近似批判的態度反諷、嘲弄當時的社會,看似反動,但卻是熱愛社會的另外一種形式,因此,描繪夢境的創作風格,是表達真善美的重要途徑,也為創意發想開啟了另一扇窗。
With the popularizing of digital tools, the artistic creation has already entered a new form of performance. Modern digital artist should have broader mind to accept and appreciate various forms of performance by means of distinct tools and in the same time, deal with the creation with a cross-field manner. The integration of technology into humanities is both essential and urgent. They need the attitude that in order to create perfect works, humane thought is more important than technological consideration. This research applies documentary analysis. First, I shall analyze the values, development and future of digital art and clarify role of digital art. Next, I shall take the 3D present stage performance and application as guideline of creation. At last, I induce the creative techniques of surrealism style. From this research, we acquire that the artistic creativity will surely surpass the rational creativity if we moderately combine the artistic creation with the dreamland. The surrealism style emphasizes that we create with authentic subconscious thought by the leading of dreamland. We take the critical attitude toward the current society, which looks rebellious but is another kind of enthusiasm for the society. Therefore, the creative style of depicting dreamland is the principal access to express the true, the good, and the beautiful as well as open another window for creativity.
3D, 數位藝術, 跨領域, 超現實主義風格