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科技進步的理性時代,被視為偽科學的占星持續流行,臺灣有相同的狀況。現今針對占星學流行現象的學術研究多採取社會學或心理學取向,社會學取向的實證研究指出,占星學能安撫不確定性帶來的不安全感,心理學取向則發現閱讀每日星座運勢提供的資訊,確實會影響個人的認知。 本研究從占星學的流行現象觸發研究動機。面對不安定狀態,認識自我是第一步,定義自我、自我增能、達成自我轉化是成人學習的重要目標,更是啟動成人學習的關鍵動機。故本研究意圖瞭解:成人學習者在學習占星學的過程中自我轉化過程。以轉化學習理論與自我轉化為理論框架、半結構的訪談大綱蒐集研究資料,紮根理論的研究方法進行資料分析,在英國占星教育機構Faculty of Astrological Studies招募研究參與者進行實證研究。本研究共訪談10位占星學習者,分析其興起占星學習的背景脈絡、占星學習過程中觸發自我轉化的工具或方法、占星學習過程中自我轉化的歷程及自我轉化的成果。本研究有以下發現: 一、 占星專欄的內容未能說服多數研究參與者,占星學習者投入占星學學習前大多不相信星座,實際獲得解讀星盤觸發研究參與者的學習動機,而願意付費學習占星學的動機與學習有效性有關。 二、 占星學符碼提供的自我知識意義觀點是自我轉化的核心,星盤解讀是促進占星學習者持續自我批判反思的工具。 三、 研究歸納出占星學習者的自我轉化三階段歷程,包括:自我萌芽階段、自我轉化階段,以及持續探索自我階段。 四、 自我轉化後獲得2組4項自我轉化成果,2組成果都含括個人自我與社會自我,包括:個人自我的「成為更好的自己」與社會自我的「更開放的人我關係」,與個人自我的「生命回歸自我掌控」與社會自我的「賦權後期待迎接挑戰」。 依據研究結果有4項貢獻,包括:理論面連結精神分析取向與心理批判取向之轉化學習脈絡,以及研究結果拓展自我轉化的可能性、解釋當代占星學可瞭解自我與開啟機會的原因,應用面發現當代占星學技術可作為自我調控的工具的方法。 本研究依據研究結果,對成人教育實務與成人學習者分別提出建議。成人教育實務有4點建議,包括:成人教育需重視學習成效、轉化學習課程應提供新的意義觀點、意義觀點轉化後仍須有相應的轉化學習活動,以及重視成人在生涯轉換期更需要心理層面的支持。針對成人學習者有4點建議,包括:成人需覺知重複出現的生命主題、善用反思工具探索歸納過往經驗、意義觀點轉化後需以行動學習新的觀點,以及善用反思工具作為調節。相關研究結果提供成人教育相關機構與成人教育者參酌討論。
Even though the scientific discovery and modern technology have dominated the human beings’ logical mind in the modern society, astrology continues to be part of millions of people’s life in both Western and Taiwanese societies when astrology is often viewed as superstition. Previous Sociological studies suggest that fortune-telling services, such as astrological practices, seem to ease the sense of insecurity due to the uncertain future. Previous Psychological studies indicate that the content of daily horoscope in the media has impacts on readers’ or audience’s thoughts and behaviors. Billions of people in the worlds read the horoscope weekly, and millions of people in Taiwan watch horoscope on the Facebook Live every Sunday. It is crucial to investigate further how astrology influences cognitive processing. Knowing the Self is the first step to handle the uncertainty in the time of ambiguity. Finding the meaning of Self, empowering Self, and achieving self-transformation in adulthood are essential goals in adult learning. They are also important keys to motivate adult learning. The phenomenon of Astrology popularity in Taiwan motivates this study. This study explores the self-transforming process of astrological learners and their outcomes. Guided by the self-transformation and the transformative learning theories, this research was conducted in the Faculty of Astrological Studies. The purposes of the study are: 1) to understand the context of astrological learners’ motivation in learning astrology, 2) to construct the process of self-transformation in learning astrology, and 3) to investigate learners’ outcomes of self-transformation. Guided by the Grounded Theory, this qualitative research study collected data through in-depth interviews with 10 astrological learners, to analyze the data through open, axial, and selective coding, and to apply triangulation techniques to validate the results. Results showed: 1. Most astrological learners do not believe in horoscope contents in media before studying astrology. Experiences of natal chart interpretation motivate them to study astrology. The desire to have better learning outcome is the main reason that make them willing to pay for learning. 2. The self-knowledge that astrological symbols are coded is the key to facilitate the self-transfomation of astrological learners. Regularly interpreting the natal chart is the tool that facilitates astrological learners to continue their self-reflection. 3. There are 3 phases of self-transformation of astrological learners which are: the consciousness of the Self, the transforming of the Self, and the continuous exploration of the Self. 4. There are 4 self-transformation outcomes which belong to 2 groups and which consist both the individual Self and social Self. The first group is “A Better Self” and “More open to each individual’s differences.” The second group is the “My Life is in My Control” and “Expectation to Face any Challenges from External Circumstances.” This study has shed light on key points of how mythology or symbolism could help students’ transformative learning within the astrological studies context. Furthermore, the present study advances methods of self-transformation. The research outcomes also extends our knowledge of the self-regulated methods by applying astrological techniques. Findings also contribute to our understanding of how the modern Western astrology helps people in understanding Self and open opportunities for them. The findings indicate that learning outcome is a crucial decision-making factor for adult learners in paying any educational programs. Meanwhile, courses which are designed based on the transformative learning theory, need to arrange new meaning perspectives and related transformative learning activities in programs. Finally, many adult learners seek for adult and continuing education programs during life transition, adult educators need to take their psychological issues into consideration when designing courses. Based on the above findings, this research also has suggestions for adult learners. First of all, topics that deal directly with repeated themes could have enormous impact on individual’s development and transformation. Critical reflection approaches, such as journaling, could be applicated to investigate past experiences or to regulate inner and out worlds. Finally, the acquisition of new meaning perspective requires to plan a course of related action which is also important for adult learners.



轉化學習理論, 自我轉化, 占星學, transformative learning theory, self-transformation, astrology