Facebook使用行為:社會資本累積影響使用者散播口碑的意圖 Facebook Behavior: The Influence of Social Capital on Users’ Word of Mouth Intentions

Yi-Jung Chiu
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近年來不同類型社群網站的興起,尤其以Facebook最為流行,使用者在網路世界分享個人內心感受、揭露個人資訊、散播口碑、產品經驗或評論等等行為已經非常普遍。Facebook的使用不只能揭露個人資訊也能與家人、朋友或工作夥伴做社會互動,以往只能在現實社會中進行社會資本累積,現今已能在網路上累積和經營社會資本。透過Facebook社群融入度提升,進而會影響使用者在Facebook上散播口碑的意圖。但網路上經營社會資本反而會愈有壓力,使用者在Facebook發表言論且同時進行累積社會資本時,可能擔心會傷害社會資本本身,且愈在乎別人眼中的自己,本研究認為社會資本累積愈多會正向影響自我意識的程度。 本研究以Facebook為施測場域進行問網路問卷調查,取得325份有效樣本。研究結果顯示,研究結果自我揭露正向影響Facebook社群融入度,且社會連結正向提升使用者的社會資本;另外,Facebook社群融入度為社會資本累積影響散播口碑意圖的中介變數;社會資本分成三種:結構性社會資本、認知性社會資本、關係性社會資本;社會資本累積證實會正向影響自我意識的程度。最後將論述管理意涵與未來研究建議。
Different types of social network sites have been popular recently, especially Facebook. Some activities can be related to networks such as sharing personal own feeling, information, word-of-mouth, or exchanging product using experience. Using Facebook is not only disclosing own information, but also having social connection with family, friends and colleagues. In the past, we increased social capital by face to face. At present, we can make friends and increased social capital through networks. Increasing Facebook community engagement can positively influence word-of-mouth on Facebook. However, we think building and maintaining social capital may have much pressure. Users post articles and increase social capital on Facebook, and they may worry about damaging social capital and care others’ reviews. In this research, we argue that increasing social capital positively influence self-consciousness. This research filed is Facebook, and survey on network questionnaires to collect data. A total of 325 valid questionnaires are obtained. The results suggest that self-disclosure affects Facebook community engagement significantly, and social connection affects social capital significantly. Moreover, users’ word-of-mouth intentions in Facebook can be positively influenced by social capital through Facebook community engagement as mediator variable. Social capital can be measured by three capitals: structural social capital, cognitive social capital and relational social capital; furthermore, accumulation of social capital has a positive impact on self-consciousness. Implications for managers and future research directions are discussed.
Facebook, 自我揭露, 社會連結, 社會資本, 社群融入度, 自我意識, 散播口碑意圖, Facebook, Self-disclosure, Social connection, Social capital, Community engagement, Self-consciousness, Word-of-mouth intentions