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近年來電腦3D繪圖技術的盛行,不論是應用於平面設計或是動畫表現上,已經在設計領域佔有重要技術層面,透過3D技術製作之動畫在現今不論是東方或是西方應用在生活上已有極普遍的現象,也因為在資訊爆炸、電腦時代來臨、數位技術漸漸地被發明、研究,動畫製作技術已經到達頗成熟、專業、精緻的狀態了。在一部動畫裡面,是否能具吸引性之成功與否,跟動畫中角色的造形息息相關。而角色的造形其組成相當多元,不但重視外形的特性,角色所傳達出的精神、個性也是不容忽略的。角色甚至是可以傳達某種文化意義的功能。也因為環境經驗的不同被解讀的意思也不同。 本研究藉由優良票房之知名動畫公司的相關文獻,經蒐集彙整後融入近年來環保議題的意念,研究並設計出具有所有年齡層都能接受的動畫角色,適合各式不同視覺構成以醒示環境倫理的道德觀。所以在設計動畫角色之前的準備工作,必須清楚知道此角色設計意圖、傳達訊息的目的。動畫角色人物之造形和文化訊息傳達之間的相互關係,由視覺化傳達設計精神。藉由3D動畫角色造形的表現應用於視覺構成,畫面加入有如觀看動畫動態感之視覺元素,利用趣味感、畫面色彩配置產生注目性,吸引觀者注意,再由觀者視覺思考經驗的不同解讀平面設計所要傳達之意念,進而達到省思、聯想之功能,而切入與人類自身息息相關之環境問題。
In recent years, the computer 3D painting technique has been accepted widely, whether applying to design in the flat surface or the animation performance, it already has important occupancy in the design field. Nowadays, in the east or west, the application of animation through 3D technique manufacture has already had widespread phenomenon, also due to the coming of computer times and information explosion, the digital technique is gradually invented and studied, the technique of animation manufacture has already reached mature, professional status. In an animation, the attraction is related to the roles in the animation. And the role style composition is multiform, not only emphasizing the feature of shape but also the spirits expression, character that cannot be neglected. The role even is the function that can transmit certain cultural meaning. And the meaning is different due to different environment experience. This research, by the related cultural heritage of well-known animation company with good box office, combines the idea of environmental protection subject after collecting and compiling, it designs the animation role that can be accepted by all age ranges and suitable for various views to show environment ethics. So the preparation before designing the animation role has to know the design intention and purpose of message transmission. The correlation between animation style and cultural message transmission turns to transmit design spirits by the vision. By the application of performance of 3D animation role style to vision composition, the appearance adds vision element of animation dynamic state feeling, make use of sense of interest to attract audience’s attention, then audience reads the meaning which flat surface design wants to transmit according to their different vision experience, then reach the function of inspection and association and correspond with the environment problem related to mankind.



角色造形, 角色設計, 3D動畫, 環保議題, role style, the role design, 3D animation, environment protection subject