1926年台灣日蓄與金鳥曲盤研究 Research of Taiwanese Record in 1926

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自1877年美國愛迪生(Thomas Alva Edison,1847-1931)發明了留聲機,人類歷史開始了聲音可被紀錄的時代,一直到二十世紀初,聲音記錄技術的發明與普及,改變了以往的音樂傳播欣賞媒介,聲音得以被紀錄,透過錄音的保存,我們不僅可從內容上去窺探當時的音樂欣賞風潮,甚至從實際聽取錄音,可以得知當時的音樂演奏、演唱風格,進而產生實際演奏、演唱版本的研究。 日治時期台灣也正好處在此一大歷史的一環,無例外的也進入聲音記錄時代。從陌生、接觸、嚮往一直到1926年,台灣終於產生了一批由台灣人演奏、演唱,並且在台灣錄音的音樂商業唱片,同時在1926年也是台灣唱片市場正式進入價格競爭、普及於大眾的關鍵。因此1926年所產生的這一批台灣音樂錄音,其產生的背景、記錄的內容、而後的發展,正是我們欲研究戰前台灣人音樂生活極佳的素材對象。留聲機在戰前台灣被稱為「蓄音器」;唱片則稱為「曲盤」,故本論文以下皆以「蓄音器」、「曲盤」來稱之。 「曲盤」、「蓄音器」,他們和電影相同的都是來自西方結合科技與人文藝術的複合性質的產品。曲盤將聲音、音樂收錄其中,以蓄音器播放,提供與人類資訊及娛樂。同時,曲盤與蓄音器也是一種資本化商品,它的製作與發行都需要相當的資本及流通市場,除了是一種娛樂商品也是一種社會教育傳播的媒介。一般來說,曲盤最大不同於文學作品之處在於其本身所具備的商業特質,除了官方為政治教育目的所製作的非商業曲盤之外,民間曲盤的發行必須有其「市場」,也就是說曲盤的經營業者必須有洞見市場消費者對於曲盤內容種類需求方向的能力。同時曲盤內容代表了一個社會的文化趨勢,作用最大的即是流行歌曲的流行、音樂欣賞傳播的加速普及,同時曲盤的價格、銷路也反映出社會經濟與文化生活的進步繁榮。正因為蓄音器與曲盤的商業性,為了因應「市場」需求而獲利,造就了民間主導音樂文化的力量,也讓做為後輩的我們,在歷經一個世紀後,可以聽到或知道上一個世紀的台灣民間,存在著哪一些聲音呢。 本論文以1926年日蓄與金鳥的這一批台灣曲盤為對象,挖掘了過去研究未曾討論的金鳥曲盤,以及常令人與後來的古倫美亞混淆的日本蓄音器商會(簡稱「日蓄」),同時也發現了些許前人的謬誤,並試圖以民間力量為主體的觀點去分析論述。
Since 1877, the United States Edison (Thomas Alva Edison ,1847-1931) invented the phonograph, the beginning of human history can be recorded in the sound era until the early twentieth century, the invention of sound recording technology and popular music changed in the past spread appreciate the media, the sound can be captured through the recording of preservation, we not only get a glimpse from the content up wave of music appreciation at the time, or even heard from the actual recording, then you can learn music, singing style, and then have a real play, concert version research. Japanese rule in Taiwan is also just a great history of this part, without exception, has access to sound recordings of the times. From the strange, contact, longing until 1926, Taiwan was finally produced by the Taiwanese performance group, singing and recording music in Taiwan, business records, while Taiwan's music market in 1926, is formally entered into the price competition, universal access to public key. Therefore, this group created by the Year 1926, Taiwan recorded music, their background, record content, then the development of what we want to study pre-war musical life of the people of Taiwan an excellent material objects. Taiwan in the pre-war gramophone called the "phonograph device"; album is called "song disc," The purpose of this thesis the following tailor "phonograph" and "A song disc" to call it. "Music Disk", "storing audio device", and movies they are from the West the same combination of technology and the arts of the composite nature of the product. Song disc will sound, music included which to build sound playback device to provide information and entertainment to human. Meanwhile, the music and the phonograph disk device is also a capital of goods, its production and distribution requires a considerable flow of capital and markets, in addition to an entertainment commodity is also a communication medium of social education. In general, different from literary works of the greatest song disc is its own business characteristics which have, in addition to official political education for the purpose of non-commercial music produced outside the plate, folk songs disk issue must have its "market" That song set the business market, the industry must have insight into the types of consumer demand for music content of the direction of disk capacity. At the same time the content of song disc represents a social and cultural trends, the role of the greatest pop songs that are popular, music appreciation accelerated the spread of popular songs set the price at the same time, sales also reflects the socio-economic and cultural life of progress and prosperity. Because phonograph device with curved plate of commercial, response to "market" demands profit, created a community-driven music culture of the force, but also to serve as the younger generation of us, a history of a century later, you can hear or know the last century Taiwan's folk, there are some voices which do. This thesis build in 1926 with Gold Birds on this group of Taiwan plate is, mining has not been discussed in the past research Golden Bird song disc, and often be confused to the Columbia , but also noticed some previous error, and attempts to civil power as the main point of view of discourse.
台灣, 日治, 唱片, 蓄音器, 金鳥, 日蓄, taiwan, record, phonograph, music history