Managerial Experience of Organizational Leaders with Introverted Traits in Taiwan

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In spite of the considerable interest in introvert leaders and their leadership, little research has been given to the area of the management used by competent introvert leaders. The primary goal of this research describes the implementation of the qualitative approach for discovering the advantages of the introvert leaders in leading their subordinates. A qualitative approach was developed in terms of three research questions. Both the questionnaire and interview techniques were applied in illuminating the tactics of leadership and incidentally threw light on leading issues by sharing examples of how the introvert leaders solved incidents. Twenty qualified participants joined the interview. They provided extensive, informative, delightful, and interesting information and illustrations. The delightful illustrations of how skills or strategies could be employed in the advance of leading and guiding. As a result, the findings of the study complied with research questions. The suggestions are significant for further research. They are effectively implemented as well as created. All in all, this thesis presents a study of top-down dissection, from its solid theoretical basis to its practical uses of management by competent introvert leaders in Taiwan organizations.



none, introvert leader, leadership, personality traits, introvert, introverted traits