Evidence-based Guidance of "Taiwan Health Promoting School"Promotional Strategy & Result of Second-Generation Health Promotion

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Liu, Chieh-Hsing
Chang Tzu-Chau
Liao Li-Ling
Chang Fong-ching
Cheng Chi-chia
Niu Yu- Zhen
Chou, Hsin-Pei

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Through policy support, cross-agency partnership, and bottom-up comprehensive counseling the Ministry of Education began promoting evidence-based guidance for the second-generation Health Promoting School. The purpose is to help local governments and schools in improving the student health conditions and in creating a healthy lifestyle, and to participate in the process comprehensively. The important results are four thousand two hundred eighteen high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools participated in the Health Promoting School initiative. One hundred and one school principals, directors, and teachers participated as counselors in the schools within cities and counties. In addition to the self-efficacy for the schools promoting the project, the schools had expressed their satisfaction and willingness to continue with the initiative. One hundred action-research programs were created and visitors to the online learning platform have exceeded the millions, as an indicator of resource integration. International conferences on the results of Health Promoting School has given recognition for the local governments' and schools' concrete effort on promoting healthy behavior in school, and align them with international standards. The success of health-promoting schools in Taiwan lies in the integration of health and educational resources, as well as the establishment of partnerships. Central and local government units, community organizations, parent groups, counselors, and schools alike support one another as they all value health and acknowledge the ideals of “health-promoting schools”. Let us continue our efforts for the health of our future generations.