The Relationship Between Learning Goal Orientation and Innovative Work Behavior: Supportive Learning Environment as a Moderator

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To date, more and more organizations believe learning and innovation can become one of competitive advantages. Learning goal orientation has regarded as a stable personality characteristic in goal and learning theory, thus numerous studies of LGO focused on other specific issues gradually. Through the different extents of LGO, employees may reveal more innovative work behavior toward individual development and growth only if they perceive the supporting conditions from organizations which would affect their innovative intentions. Hence, how to retain and attract talents with LGO becomes a crucial concern in organizations. This original value contributes to theoretical theories and practical workplace environment, and indicating the real phenomenon in organizations in Taiwan. The purpose of the study aimed to investigate the relationships among learning goal orientation, innovative work behavior and supportive learning environment. The two objectives in this study are exploring the relationship between learning goal orientation and innovative work behavior and the moderating effect of supportive learning environment on the relationship between learning goal orientation and innovative work behavior. This study utilized quantitative method and data from 266 white-collar expatriates who work in Taiwan currently through online surveys and paper-based questionnaires. The statistical tools of SPSS v22.0 and AMOS v22.0 were used to analyze hierarchical regression and confirmatory factor analysis. The result shown that learning goal orientation was significantly positive related to innovative work behavior. Besides, the moderating role of supportive learning environment was significantly related to proposed assumption.



, learning goal orientation, innovative work behavior, supportive learning environment