A Study on Global Staffing Strategies for Middle Managers of Multinational Banks


隨著全球化時代的來臨,台灣本土銀行面臨了相當大的國際化壓力與衝擊。為了能夠成功地走向國際舞台,本土銀行必須找到對的人才,以協助經營海外分支機構。為此,本研究選擇具有多年國際化經驗的外商銀行為對象,希冀藉由外商銀行選任海外分行中階經理人之經驗,做為本土銀行經營海外分行之參考。 本研究深度訪談了五家外商銀行共六位受訪者,得到以下四個方向之研究成果: 1.受訪外商銀行的國際人力資源傾向,以及其制定全球人力資源策略之方式; 2.其招募實務作法,包含海外分行中階經理人之來源,以及招募管道; 3.其選才實務作法,包含甄選海外分行中階經理人之工具與條件; 4.其訓練實務作法,包括需求分析、課程種類,以及訓練成效評估。 此外,受訪外商銀行在從事上述人力資源活動時,曾遭遇過哪些困難,以及當時解決的方法,亦於研究成果中一併呈現。 最後,研究者基於上述研究成果,對台灣本土銀行以及後續研究者,提出建議以茲參考。
Due to the trend of internationalization, local banks are facing strong thrust to compete in the global arena. It is crucial for them to staff overseas branches with the right talents to assure successful operations in foreign countries. Therefore, this research intended to investigate how experienced foreign banks staff their middle managers in overseas branches for local banks’ reference. The researcher conducted in-depth interviews with six interviewees in five foreign banks. Finding results were sorted into four main topics, that is: 1.Their IHRM orientation and ways of instituting global HR strategies; 2.Practices of recruitment including sources of middle managers and recruitment channels; 3.Practices of selection with regard to selection tools and criteria; 4.Practices of training, ranging from needs assessment, types of training, to training evaluation. Furthermore, difficulties they’ve encountered when conducting above HR practices and the ways they solved the problems were also presented in research findings. Based on these empirical data, further suggestions were made to local banks and future researchers.



跨國企業, 中階經理人, 人力資源實務, Multinational Corporations (MNCs), middle manager, HR practices