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dc.description.abstract 本文探討四位以英語為外語學習者網路閱讀策略之使用。這四位具有不同語言程度及電腦技巧的學生,必須完成網路閱讀任務,其閱讀過程由螢幕追蹤軟體錄下,並接受事後訪談。質性探討所衍生出的策略有瀏覽策略、資訊收集策略、介面改變策略,以及使用問題報告策略。這些策略可以幫助學生順暢瀏覽網站,運用新知增加背景知識,建立個人化閱讀環境,及提供更友善的網路設計。結果亦顯示有較佳的電腦技巧的同學,會使用較多策略。而且,他們會將閱讀環境個人化,以增強閱讀動機,並且會運用多媒體的特點來增進閱讀理解。特別對低成就的同學而言,有了較好的電腦技巧,可以透過向外搜尋資訊及與同濟溝通,來增加背景知識及語言學習知能。 zh_tw
dc.description.abstract This paper reports on the online reading strategies used by four EFL learners. These four participants, with diverse language proficiencies and computer skills, were chosen to complete online reading tasks. Their navigation behaviors observed in videotaping and interview data were transcribed and coded. Four types of strategies were generated: Navigating strategies, Information-gathering strategies, Interface-changing strategies, and Usability problem-reporting strategies. These strategies assisted readers in navigating online texts smoothly, finding relevant information to build up background knowledge, establishing a personal environment to facilitate online reading, and making suggestions for user-friendly Web design. The results also showed that students with better computer skills used comparatively more strategies than those with average computer skills. They were more able to personalize the reading environment for increased motivation and to utilize multimedia features for better comprehension. Even lower proficiency students with better computer skills could increase their background knowledge and language learning repertoires by searching outwards and communicating with peers. en_US
dc.identifier 432E41D7-4E1F-86FF-C819-D46CB1FD8C1F zh_TW
dc.language 英文 zh_TW
dc.publisher 英語學系 zh_tw
dc.publisher Department of English, NTNU en_US
dc.relation 33(2),45-93 zh_TW
dc.relation.ispartof 英語教學 zh_tw
dc.subject.other 網路閱讀 zh_tw
dc.subject.other 第二外語閱讀 zh_tw
dc.subject.other 閱讀策略 zh_tw
dc.subject.other Web-based reading en_US
dc.subject.other second language reading en_US
dc.subject.other reading strategy en_US
dc.title Reading on the Internet zh-tw
dc.title.alternative 網路閱讀之個案研究 zh_tw
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