THE GUARDIAN:3D電腦動畫短片之創作研究 THE GUARDIAN : 3D computer animation creation

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dc.contributor Chou, Shyan-Bin en_US 謝昆原 zh_TW Hsieh, Kun-Yuan en_US 2019-09-05T02:57:54Z 2021-08-21 2019-09-05T02:57:54Z 2018
dc.description.abstract 當今數位科技隨著電腦硬體與軟體持續進步,發展可謂一日千里。由電腦圖學所發展的3D電腦動畫,其普及程度已為影像產業帶來前所未有的革命。當今影像視覺作品如電視、電影、廣告與電玩等,處處皆可見到3D 電腦動畫的身影。3D電腦動畫配合人類的無限創意,可說是實現人們想像力最強大的工具。 驚險刺激的空戰是電影中的常見題材之一,戰機的機動性與速度感透過令人驚嘆的拍攝手法與炫目的視覺特效呈現在大螢幕上,讓觀眾在接受精彩聲光效果的同時,也能了解空戰所代表的意義。本研究嘗試從3D電腦動畫作為藝術的媒材、電影形式與手法、電影感的應用與戰機空戰技法等文獻中探討空戰影片的構成要素,並透過相關影像作品特徵的觀察與分析創作出空戰3D電腦動畫短片-THE GUARDIAN。 zh_TW
dc.description.abstract With the continuous advancement of hardware and software, digital technologies can be developed in a great way. The popularity of 3D computer animation developed by computer graphics has brought an unprecedented revolution to the industry. Today's visual works such as television, movies, advertising and video games have seen 3D computer animation everywhere. 3D computer animation combined with human creativity is arguably the most powerful tool for people’s imagination. Air combat is a common theme in the movie. The mobility and speed of the fighter are displayed on the big screen at a glance through stunning photography techniques and dazzling visual effects, enabling the audience to enjoy. Also understand the meaning of air combat. This study attempts to explore the elements of air combat films from 3D computer animation as art media, film forms and techniques, application of film look and air combat techniques, and combines the characteristics of related images and works to create 3D computers animation - THE GUARDIAN. en_US
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dc.title THE GUARDIAN:3D電腦動畫短片之創作研究 zh_TW
dc.title THE GUARDIAN : 3D computer animation creation en_US