The Effects of Advance Organizers and Listening Proficiency on EFL Students' Listening Comprehension 王佳音 zh_tw 2014-10-27T15:13:28Z 2014-10-27T15:13:28Z 2005-10-?? zh_TW
dc.description.abstract 本研究探討學前指引與聽力程度對英語學習者聽力的影響。180位就讀於中部某技術學院五專部四年級的學生參與本研究。根據全民英檢聽力測驗的成績,受測者分為高分組與低分組。受測者被隨機分派到三種不同的實驗處理方式:純文章組、敘述組與考題組。純文章組的受測者,沒有任何學前輔助。敘述組的受測者,會看到一份描述文章內重要事件的六個句子;考題組的受測者,可以先看到試題。研究結果顯示,考題組的受測者,比純文章組和敘述組的受測者表現優異;然而,純文章組與敘述組的受測者,分數並無顯著差異。此外,無論是在何種實驗處理方式下,聽力程度高的受測者比程度低者,都有較好的表現。依據研究發現,本文提出數項聽力教學上的建議。 zh_tw
dc.description.abstract This study investigates the effects of advance organizers and listening proficiency on student comprehension of information in an aural passage. The subjects in the study were 180 fourth-year students in the five-year program at a college in central Taiwan. On the basis of their scores on the GEPT listening test, subjects were divided into two proficiency levels: high and low. Subjects of each level were randomly assigned to one of the three experimental conditions: the Passage Only (PO), the Description Preview (DP), and the Question Preview (QP). In the PO condition, subjects listened to the text devoid of additional support. Subjects in the DP condition were presented with six descriptive sentences from major events in the upcoming passage; subjects under the QP condition were provided with written comprehension questions. The results showed that scores for subjects completing the question preview activity weresignificantly higher than scores for subjects in the PO and DP conditions. The mean scores between the PO and DP subjects, however, did not differ significantly. In addition. the findings also revealed that subjects with high listening proficiency performed better than subjects with low listening proficiency, irrespective of pre-listening treatments. Based on the above findings, the implications for aural instruction in the EFL classroom are discussed. en_US
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dc.title The Effects of Advance Organizers and Listening Proficiency on EFL Students' Listening Comprehension zh-tw
dc.title.alternative 學前指引與聽力程度對英語學習者聽力的影響 zh_tw