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The research regard to behavioral intention as the fundamental theory, to discover verities factors would affect purchasers when they use the video channel, the study observer that acquisition, customization, video with content information diversity, an event page and search function that surly indirect affect the user using behavior intention. Furthermore, users eager to watching video channel for understanding further about product, and that handy for users directly make an order, while video channel offering the good quality, various content and easy to use event page. In addition, the real-time content updating is significant affect to the user behavior intention.On the behavior intention aspect, video channel is a valuable tool for users, so the user’s motivations is regard to use video as a tool, and users found out that video content is really helpful for user, when user use for a while, that “easy to use” should not inference to usability; so that joyful is less effective on watching video, because the user’s joyful shall come from video content nor from video channel. Hence, the inference of behavior intention includes the user’s personality due to difference factors.Purchasing intention is one of topic on this research, the users would directly affect both on behavior intention and product pricing, the user should have behavior intention so that could be possible to have an willing to buy products, meanwhile also cause by product pricing. Finally, referring to six aspects to offer suggestions for video channel owner in practice.



行為意圖, 內容類型偏好, 使用者, 影音, behavioral intent, content genre preferences, users, video