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Department of Education,National Taiwan Normal University


Based on the academic background of diffusion and Rogers’ theory, the paper shows that diffusion is nested in the concepts of dissemination, and only restricted in message transferred by time through interpersonal communication channel. The judgment of innovation diffusion depends on personal adoption. For innovation diffusion to come true, disseminators should take individual and organizational considerations into account. Finally, the correlation between the timing of individuals’ innovation diffusion and the persons’ attitudes is analyzed, with implications on the diffusive respect of curriculum dissemination from the life cycle of innovation. This paper presents the following three conclusions after reviewing the theoretical research and sorting out the relevant literatures. First, curriculum dissemination originates from the theory of innovation diffusion, which recently integrates with institutionalization theory. Second, Rogers’ theory contributes to the interpersonal interaction of disseminating process. Third, personal adoption of innovation relies on individual and organizational considerations, with a difference in the order of time among them. Fourth, the theory of diffusion might be highlighted for the aspect of curriculum dissemination by the replenishment of the theory of contemporary information communication technology and institutionalism.