A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Three Mandarin-English-speaking Preschoolers' Code-switching Behavior at Home

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dc.description.abstract 本研究在檢視影響三位中、英雙語幼童語言轉換行為的因素。經過為期四個月實地錄音、錄影、田野筆記、事後訪談分析顯示,該三名幼童的語言行為,並未如文獻 所預期,充分反映出渠等母親的語言模式。其中兩位幼童的母親較常使用完整的中文句子與幼童交談,較不常使用中、英夾雜的方式(中文句子夾雜英文單用),但 該兩名幼童卻較常使用中、英夾雜的方式和母親對話,反較不常用完整的中文語句;另一位母親則較常用中、英夾雜的方式與幼童對談,較少使用完整的中文語句, 但該名幼童卻常採一句中文、一句英文的方式與母親交談。本文結論:該三名幼童的語言行為模式除了受到母親語言影響之外,亦受到母親與幼童溝通方式、及母親 對雙語轉換態度的影響;另外學校同儕、兄長、及電視媒體語言、幼童本身對英語喜好程度、與其自身語言創造能力等,亦毠響渠等雙語轉換行為。 zh_tw
dc.description.abstract This study examines the effects of different language influences, including maternal input, peer, school, and media language on three Mandarin and English-speaking preschoolers' code-switching behavior. Data from audio-and videotaped recordings, on-site field notes, and a reflective field journal were triangulated with data from parent and teacher interviews to document their language behavior. Results show that the children's language patterns did not reflect those of their mothers, which have long been assumed to be the most influential language socialization force on preschoolers' language behavior. Two of the children's mothers used Mandarin more frequently than intrasentential code-switching (Mandarin with English words inserted), but their children used intasentntial code-switching more frequently than Mandarin. The other child's mother used intrasentential code-sitching more frequently than Mandarin, but her child used intersentential code-switching more frequently than intrasentential code-switching. Maternal communication strategies and attitudes also played a role in the focal children's code-switching behavior. Other socializing factors such as sibling, peer, and media language as well as the children's ability to produce code-switched utterances and discourse they had not heard before, appeared to influence their code-switching behavior. en_US
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dc.title A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Three Mandarin-English-speaking Preschoolers' Code-switching Behavior at Home zh-tw
dc.title.alternative 從社會語言學的方式分析三位中英雙語幼童在家中的語言轉換行為 zh_tw