The Considerations of Localization of Management for Foreign Enterprises in China

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To explore the Chinese market requires an in-depth understanding and examination of the local management barriers and deeper understanding of the considerations which would serve to guide the foreign companies. This is a very challenging task which requires understanding of the historical context and the thinking of the people. China is a population powerhouse and very emerging market with very complex network of controls and management skills which determine the success of the management in the Chinese grounds and market. This study seeks to investigate the importance and considerations on localization of management of foreign enterprises investing in China. It also seeks to examine the significance of cultural values on management systems in China. In collecting data the researcher used mainly qualitative methods. The bulk of the data came from secondary sources. In depth interviews were also used in collecting data. The literature reviewed attempted to set a conceptual framework for the understanding of the topic. Content analysis was used for the analysis of data. The analysis of the findings revealed that foreign companies that used local management stand better chances of success and cultural values also play a very significant role in determining the policy formulations. The conclusion noted that the consideration of values plays a significant role in determining the success of foreign firms. The study recommended the effective use of local people who have broad knowledge about the values of the country.



外商企業, 管理障礙, 在地化管理的重要性和考慮因素, foreign enterprise, management barriers, importance and considerations on localization of management