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Title: 在網路環境中以問題導向教學法進行輔導之行動研究
An Action Research of Mentoring With Problem-Based Learning In the Internet-Based Environment
Authors: 朱則剛
Keywords: 網路教學
internet-based education
problem-based learning
action research
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 透過網際網路無遠弗屆的特性以及全球資訊網豐富連結性的結合,網路教學可以使身處不同時間和空間的教學者及學習者進行同步及非同步的教學活動,透過網路教學,教師可更快速的進行教材流通與資源分享,而學習者也更可快速、便捷地獲取學習材料與最新資訊,而問題導向學習法同樣由學習者為中心出發,透過模擬真實的問題情境,來使學習者藉由資料蒐集、共同討論及分享的過程,得到更良好的自我學習能力及後設認知,兩者的結合一方面可以加強網路教學的效果,另一方面也可以補強問題導向教學法在教室情境下實施的缺點。 本研究以結合兩者的優點出發,以網路教學為環境,以問題導向學習為理論核心,進行對於實習教師輔導之研究,透過研究者與教師共同進行之行動研究,來瞭解在網路教學環境下問題導向教學策略對於實習輔導的成效、實習老師之滿意度以及必須要注意的相關細節。在意義上除了加強實習教師的自我學習能力以及資訊科技融入教學能力之外,並且對於未來的實習生涯將會遭遇到的問題,也能更有能力和信心去解決。 本研究為國內初次嘗試結合問題導向學習、網路學習以及行動研究三種不同領域之理論進行之輔導研究,在經過一個學期的規劃及溝通,以及一個學期的實際實施過後,可從結論中發現成效、滿意度及反應度都呈現正面的趨勢,應可將之肯定為良好的網路教學設計。 一、問題導向教學法適合運用於網路環境下進行對實習教師之輔導教學。 二、問題導向教學法運用於網路環境下進行對實習教師之輔導教學,能夠使實習教師滿到滿意。 三、不論問題導向教學法之實施環境為何,教案仍為決定教學成效以及滿意度性之關鍵因素。 四、引導員之角色與定位都必須重新思考及調整。
By combination of the borderless characteristic of the internet network and World-Wide webs, internet-based education can make the instructors and learners carry out the synchronous and asynchronous teaching activities, even in different time and space .The instructors can make the teaching materials circulation and resource-sharing more quickly. The learners can obtain studying materials and the latest information faster and more conveniently, too. The problem-based learning also set out from the design of the learner-center. With the true problem situation of simulation to make the learners get better ability of self-learning and meta-cognition by data-collecting, discussing and sharing with the each other. With the combination of this two important factors, this research wants to improve the shortcoming of the internet-based education and the problem-based learning under the classroom situation. This research will carry, with combining advantages of the problem-based learning and internet-based education of the intern teachers. Internet as the environment and problem-based learningplay the rule of the core theory. And hoping that through this action research by researcher and teachers carry on together, it can strengthen the ability of self-learning and using the information technology in teaching of the intern teachers, still have ability and confidence to solve the questions that they will be face in the future practice career. This research is the first time that attempts at combining problem-based learning, internet-based learning and action research such three different domains in our internal country. After planning, communicating and putting it into practice in all semester, we can find that the effects, satisfactions and reflections all show the obverse trend, so we can confirm that it’s a good design of internet-based education. 1. The method of problem-based learning is suitable for teaching of the intern teachers under the internet environment. 2. The method of problem-based learning for teaching the intern teachers under the internet environment is satisfied for the teachers. 3. The teaching plans still are the key factors of teaching effects and satisfactions, no matter the environment of practicing the problem-based learning. 4. The roles and positions of the instructors should be thought over and adjusted.
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