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Title: 台北地區大學生對無線數位電視加值功能之需求研究
Taipei College Students’ Demand for Value-added Features in Terrestrial Digital Television
Authors: 朱則剛
Keywords: 數位化
Digital Television
Value-Added Function
Broadcast Television
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 中文摘要 廿一世紀是一個數位化的年代。數位技術快速的發展,使得各種傳統媒體受到很大的衝擊。在許多嶄新的數位媒體紛紛興起之際,舊有媒體也逐漸走向被取代或更新的命運。 電視廣播作為一個主要的傳播媒體,在這一波數位革命中顯然也受到不小的影響。數位電視的興起,使得電視媒體邁進數位廣播的年代,閱聽人不但可以期待高畫質、多元化的節目,更可以享受其他互動多媒體的加值服務。 不過對於無線電視業者來說,面對這一個全新的改變,首先就必須考慮在投入大量的資金之後的經營問題。因此,如何讓企業從數位化創造利基,而不因為改變服務方式而產生危機,就成為現階段無線電視經營者的重大課題。 本研究旨在探討閱聽人對於數位電視加值功能的需求,試圖從數位電視的眾多新功能中,探討哪些功能是閱聽人希望藉由電視這一個介面獲得的服務,進而引起閱聽人使用數位電視的動機,研究結果顯示隨選視訊、上網以及檔案下載等網際網路類的加值功能是最能引起閱聽人使用數位電視的加值服務項目,同時也發現如果數位電視具備越多項閱聽人感興趣的加值功能,就越能引起閱聽人購買及使用數位電視。然而在訪談無線電視業者的過程也發現,無線電視公司擬推出的數位電視加值功能服務和閱聽人的需求項目差異甚大,電視業者以獲利為考量的出發點,認為販售影音產品的互動廣告是最能為企業創造利潤的加值功能;不過閱聽人的需求是更多的便利服務。在本論文所有納入閱聽人需求研究的加值功能中,互動廣告這個項目恰巧是最後一名,顯示傳播者和閱聽人之間對於需求存在很大的歧異,因此本論文也希望將結果及建議事項,提供無線電視台作為電視數位化之後,企業經營的參考。
Abstract The 21st century is a digital era. The rapid development of digital technology has made an enormous impact on traditional media. With the rise of numerous new digital media, the traditional media are facing the fate of either to adapt or be replaced. As one of the major broadcasting medium, television has been greatly affected by this digital revolution. The rise of digital television has pushed broadcasting industry into the era of digitization, where the audiences expect not only high quality and variety of programs, but also other value-added services such as interactive multimedia. To network televisions, the biggest concern is the effects on the company’s financial bottom-line after making the large and necessary investment to become compliant to the new standard. Therefore, how to benefit from digital technology, instead of falling into crisis because of change in service nature, has become the main topic for network television management. The purpose of this research is to examine the audiences’ need of value-added services associated with digital television, and to identify thefeatures that the audiences wish to utilize. It is determined that Internet-related value-added functions, such as video-on-demand, net surfing, and file-downloads, are the ones most frequently used by the audiences. The research also found that the audiences are more willing to purchase a digital television if it has more value-added functions they are interested in. While surveying the network industry, it was noted that there appear to be a huge disparity between the planned offerings by the networks and what the audiences are actually demanding. The network industry, under pressure to generate profit, believes interactive shopping is the must-have feature, while the audiences placed their emphasis on service convenience. In fact, interactive shopping is the last among the value-added features the audiences will consider when making decision on whether to purchase a digital television. Clearly, the broadcasters and the audiences have a very different view on market demand. It is hoped that the broadcasting industry will take into consideration the findings and recommendations presented in this thesis while formulating management strategies in the digital era.
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