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Title: 台灣消費者對有線電視數位服務內容需求之研究
A Study of Consumer’s Need to Cable TV Digital Service in Taiwan
Authors: 楊美雪
Yang, Mei-Hsueh
LU, Wen-Chieh
Keywords: 數位有線電視
Digital Cable TV
Digital Service
Interactive TV
Consumer’s Need
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討消費者對有線電視數位服務內容的需求。首先,以內容分析法觀察14 家有線電視業者所提供的數位服務內容,另外,藉由網路問卷調查法,蒐集消費者對有線電視業者所提供的數位服務內容需求程度,總計共回收422份有效問卷。最後,依據研究所得之結論,針對有線電視業者、消費者,以及後續研究者提出相關具體建議。 本研究之重要發現如下: 一、有線電視業者所提供的通訊應用服務以「網路管理服務內容」提供比例最高;在隨選應用服務以「影音頻道服務內容」提供比例最高;而在加強電視應用服務以「節目導覽服務內容」提供比例最高。 二、消費者在通訊應用服務以「網路管理服務內容」需求程度較高;在隨選應用服務以「影音頻道服務內容」需求程度較高;而在加強電視應用服務以「節目導覽服務內容」需求程度較高。 三、各有線電視業者提供的通訊應用服務以「電視商務服務內容」差異較大;隨選應用服務以「數位學習服務內容」差異較大;而在加強電視應用服務以「生活資訊服務內容」差異較大。 四、不同「年齡」、「職業」之消費者對於「網路管理服務內容」、「數位學習服務內容」、「節目導覽服務內容」有顯著差異。 五、有線電視業者提供的「網路通訊服務內容」、「數位學習服務內容」與消費者需求差異較大。
The purpose of this study is to explore the consumer’s need of the cable TV digital service. In the first place, the study adopts the content analysis method to understand the digital service status among 14 cable operators in Taiwan. Additionally, the Internet questionnaires which content refers to cable operators’ cable TV platform of digital service is to collect the level of consumer’s need and 422 valid questionnaires were collected. Finally, according to the conclusion, this study has proposed specific recommendations for the cable operators of the cable TV platform, consumers, and further researchers. The findings of this study are as follows. 1. “Internet management service”, “personal video recorder service and “electronic program guide service” in the cable TV platform provided by cable operators were the highest then others. 2. “Internet management service”, “video channel service”, and “electronic program guide service” of consumer’s need have the highest level. 3. “T-commerce service”, “E-Learning service”, and “Life information service” among the cable operators’ cable TV platform have a large difference. 4. There have significant difference in “Internet management service”, “E-Learning service” and “electronic program guide service” across various commsumer’s “age”, “occupation”. 5. There have significant difference in “Internet communication service”, and “E-Learning service” between the consumer’s need and the cable operators.
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