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Title: 使用者感知互動程度影響持續使用意願之研究-以行動即時通訊軟體為例
A Study of the Influence of Continuous Usage on users' Perceptions of Interactivity─A Case of Mobile Instant Messenger Application
Authors: 楊美雪
Yang, Mei-Hsueh
Tsai, Wen-Ting
Keywords: 行動即時通訊軟體
mobile instant messenger application
perceived interactivity
continuous usage
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討行動即時通訊軟體使用者感知互動程度對持續使用意願影響之情形。首先,以內容分析法觀察6 款行動即時通訊軟體上互動功能設置情況並進行比較。其次,以問卷調查法,搜集使用者在行動即時通訊軟體上的感知互動程度與持續使用意願之情形,總計回收375 份有效問卷。再以敘述性統計、獨立樣本t檢定、皮爾遜相關、單因子變異數分析等統計方式進行分析比對。最後,根據研究所得之結論,分別給予行動即時通訊軟體業者、行動即時通訊軟體設計者及後續研究者相關具體建議。茲將本研究重要發現分述如下: 一、行動即時通訊軟體互動功能設置以「即時附加功能」提供率最高;以「社群互動功能」提供率最低 二、「圖文聊天功能」的使用最能增進雙向溝通、正面情緒;「圖文聊天功能」、「通話聊天功能」的使用最能促進情感連結;「貼圖主題下載功能」的使用最能讓使用者自由控制、感受系統回應迅速 三、使用者感知互動程度對持續使用意願有影響,其中又以「正面情緒」、「回應速度」、「情感連結」影響力最大 四、不同性別在「情感連結」、「回應速度」上有達顯著差異;不同年齡在「雙向溝通」、「控制力」、「回應速度」有達顯著差異;不同使用天數在「雙向溝通」、持續使用意願有達顯著差異 五、影響LINE使用者持續使用意願的最關鍵因素為「情感連結」、「正面情緒」、「控制力」;影響Facebook Messenger使用者持續使用意願的是「回應速度」、「正面情緒」;影響Skype使用者持續使用意願則是「控制力」
The purpose of this study is to explore the influence of continuous usage on users' perceptions of interactivity on mobile instant messenger application. First, through the content analysis method to understand the "human-to-system" and "human-to-human" of interactive functions status of 6 mobile instant messenger applications. Then, through the questionnaires, a total of 375 valid questionnaires were recoverd, to collect the opinion of the users which is experienced interactivity on the mobile instant messenger applications and their continuous usage.The collected data were analyzed by statistical methods, as Descriptive Statistics, the Independent samples t-test, Pearson's correlation coefficient, One-Way ANOVA, and Regression Analysis. In the end, based on the conclusion, this study makes some concrete suggestions to the operators of mobile instant messenger application, the designers of mobile instant messenger application and further study.The major findings are as follows: 1. The mobile instant messenger applications provide mainly the "immediately additional function"; but the "community features" provide is relatively low. 2. The "text and stickers function" usage is the most facilitate "two-way communication" and "playfulness"; the "text and stickers function" and "voice calls" usage could make users perceived more connectedness;the "stickers and background-image download function" usage is the most facilitate "perceived control" and "synchronicity". 3. The Effects of the perceived Interactivity on continuous usage has significant influence. In addition, the dimensions of "playfulness", "synchronicity" , "connectedness" are more powerful influencing factors. 4. Between the different genders of users, the "connectedness" and "synchronicity" are significantly difference; between the different ages of users, the "two-way communication", "perceived control" and "synchronicity" are significantly difference; between the different using behavior, the "two-way communication" and users' continuous usage are significantly difference. 5. The dimensions of "connectedness","playfulness", "perceived control" are more powerful influencing factors on LINE's users; The dimensions of "synchronicity","playfulness" are more powerful influencing factors on Facebook Messenger's users; The dimensions of "perceived control" is the most powerful influencing factors on Skype's users.
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