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Title: 臺北縣國民小學教師對學校網站期望與滿意度之研究
A Study of Elementary School Teachers’Expectation and Satisfaction to School Web Sites in Taipei County
Authors: 楊美雪博士
Huang, Te- Hsien
Keywords: 學校網站
school web sites
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本研究主旨在探討臺北縣國民小學教師對學校網站期望與滿意度,以內容分析及問卷調查為主要的研究方法。研究對象包括臺北縣國民小學網站及臺北縣國民小學教師。教師樣本採分層隨機抽樣,共計發放699份問卷,回收問卷為632份,有效問卷為579份。資料處理以SPSS for Window 12.0 中文套裝軟體為主,採用平均數、標準差、t 考驗及單因子變異數分析等方法進行統計。本研究之重要發現如下: 一、學校網站設計以「教師專區」採用的比例最高,「網站基本資訊」的採用比例最低,普遍符合「色彩運用」的原則,「互動功能」較為缺乏。 二、教師對學校網站的期望趨於高程度,以「系統品質」的期望最高;對學校網站的滿意度趨於中上程度,以「資訊品質」的滿意度最高。 三、教師對學校網站的期望會因「性別」、「每週上網時數」的不同而有顯著差異;對學校網站的滿意度會因「年齡」、「服務年資」、「學校規模」的不同而有顯著差異。 四、教師對學校網站的期望高於滿意度,且存在顯著差異。 根據上述的研究結論,針對學校網站管理者、教育相關單位、學術界、國民小學教師及後續研究提出相關的建議。
The purpose of this study was to explore elementary school teachers’ expectation and satisfaction to school web sites in Taipei County. Content analysis and survey research methodologies were used for data collection. A stratified random sample of 699 school teachers in Taipei County responded to the survey, and received 632 responses. A total of 579 questionnaires could be used. All the quantitative data was analyzed by SPSS12.0 version. Descriptive (frequencies, means, and standard deviations), one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and inferential (t-tests) statistics were used for the data analysis. The major research findings were concluded from the study, including: 1. “Teachers’ information” was more adopted than “basic information” in school web sites. Most of the school web sites accorded with principles of color application but lacked interactive functions. 2. Most of the elementary school teachers reported a high degree of expectation and a medium-high degree of satisfaction to school web sites. The highest degree of expectation and satisfaction were “system quality” and “information quality”. 3. There were significant differences in elementary school teachers’ expectation to school web sites based on gender and how many hours for internet per week. There were significant differences in elementary school teachers’ satisfaction to school web sites based on years of teaching experience and scale of school. 4. Teachers’ expectation to school web sites was higher than satisfaction, and there were significant differences between teachers’ expectation and satisfaction. Finally, suggestions based on the above research findings were presented for administrators of school websites, education authorities, academia, elementary school teachers and future researchers.
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