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Title: 人臉特徵判讀應用於幼兒學習注意力分析評量研究
A Study on the Attention Evaluation during Children Learning with the Analysis of Face Features
Authors: 周遵儒
Keywords: 人臉
Face Features
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 摘要 當注意力有了缺陷,將影響其他複雜的認知功能,注意力缺陷學生在團體學習中,經常呈現不合群與低自尊等問題。由於幼兒學習注意力是幼兒在學習過程中有其重要的意義,培養優質的注意力可以消除挫折與壓力,增進個人的信心,提升創造力,達到事半功倍的效果。本研究應用瞼部特徵判讀、以發展定義幼兒在學習過程中觀察幼兒注意力,並以視覺分析及量化資料做分析評量、實作一個以人臉特徵影像為基礎的學習注意力分析評量系統。 本研究希望提出一個系統化的方法,發展出一個實用的人臉影像特徵判讀規則,以建構一個以人臉影像特徵判讀為基礎、並量化分析與處理學習注意力之評量系統,以期能夠適時輔導注意力不足幼兒的學習。
Abstract Defective as attention, influence other complicated cognitive function, attention defect in group of learning student, often present such questions as unsocial and low self-respect,etc.. Because it is that an infant has its important meanings in the course of studying that the infant studies attention, training high-quality attention and absorbed in strength can dispel the setback and pressure, promote personal confidence, improve creativity, get the result of getting twice the result with half the effort. This research uses the characteristic interpretation of eyelid department, defines infants and observes infant's attention in the course of studying with development, analyse and quantize materials not to make analysis person who comment, make with vision one based on person's face characteristic image to study attention analyse system of commenting etc. in fact. This research hopes to put forward a systematized method, develops a person's face image characteristics practical interpretation rule of, in order to build and construct an evaluaion system based on person's face image characteristics this system interpretes , analysis quantitatively, and deals with the study attention,of learaing to coach an insufficient children study of attention in time
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