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Title: 以半色調技術隱藏兩個二維條碼及品牌保護應用之研究
A Study of Graphic QR Code with Second QR Code to Improve Brand Protection
Authors: 王希俊
Wang, Hsi-Chun
Kuan, Pei-Chun
Keywords: 圖像化二維條碼
QR Code
Graphic QR Code
2D barcode
QR Code
data hiding
brand protection
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 近年來網路與科技的蓬勃發展下,因為行動裝置的普及,使得二維條碼應用更為廣泛,串聯起網路與現實。最常見的二維條碼類型為QR Code (Quick Response Code),而現今QR Code在公司扮演的行銷角色多為廣告訊息及交易支付等。因QR Code製作成本低廉,被許多企業做為宣傳媒介。但二維條碼外觀相似程度高且取得容易,因此為了保護個人資訊及財務安全,二維條碼的安全性也逐漸被重視。故希望製作可兼具外觀及安全性之二維條碼來增加品牌辨識度。為此本研究使用半色調資訊隱藏技術於圖像化二維條碼中藏入第二個QR Code,提高圖像化二維條碼之安全機制和外觀辨識度。本研究利用半色調資訊隱藏技術,將圖像化二維條碼第二個個二維條碼。圖像化二維條碼中的每個像素分成3x3區塊,外顯二維條碼資訊藏於3x3區塊模組之中央位置,欲隱藏第二個二維條碼之資訊使用鑰匙(key)產生偽隨機亂數(pseudrandom number),藏於其他8個區塊之某一區,剩餘7個區塊做為配合演算來表現圖像,以達到不易被破解之用。研究結果顯示,本研究發展隱藏兩個QR Code之圖像化二維條碼外觀可被人眼視覺接受,影像品質也在可接受範圍;實驗測試使用不同影像、大小、深淺之影像辨識錯誤率,結果顯示影像大小及深淺都會影響辨識率,其中影像濃度較淺比較有利於解碼;隱藏兩個QR Code之圖像化二維條碼可隱藏資訊效果佳外,還能以較低成本達成防偽功能且有益於品牌保護之功效。
In recent years, with the rapid development of internet and technology. Due to the popularity of mobile devices, the application of 2D barcode becomes more widespread, and also linking virtual and the reality. QR Code (Quick Response Code) is the most common type of 2D barcode, and nowadays, it plays a role for advertising message and transaction payment to the company's marketing strategy, and lots of business companies will make it be a media. However, the appearance of 2D barcodes is highly similar and easy to obtain. In order to protect personal information and financial security, the security of QR Code has been gradually emphasized. Therefore, we tend to create a QR Code that combines appearance and safety to increase brand recognition. For this reason, this study uses halftoning data hiding to hide the second QR Code to the graphic QR Code, so as to improve the security mechanism and appearance recognition of the graphic QR Code. We use the halftone data hiding technology to image the second 2D barcode of the 2D barcode. Each pixel in the graphic QR Code is divided into 3x3 blocks, and the exposed QR Code will be hidden in the center of the 3x3 block module. To hide the data of the second 2D barcode, the key is used to generate the pseudorandom numbers, which are hidden in one of the other eight blocks, and the remaining seven blocks are used to represent the graphic with algorithm. Through the aforementioned process, it can achieve the goal of being difficult to crack. The results of the study show that the appearance of the graphic QR Code which hides two QR Codes is please to human eyes, and the image quality is within an acceptable range. The experiment uses different size, density of image to test recognition error rate, the results show that the image size is the main factor affecting the recognition rate, the depth of the image is, in which the lighter image density is conducive to decoding. The effect of the graphic QR Code which conceals two QR Codes to hide the information is effective. Also, it can achieve the anti-counterfeiting function at a lower cost, and benefit the effectiveness of brand protection.
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