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Title: 中投區綜合高中商業管理學程學生學習滿意度研究
Authors: 徐昊杲
Keywords: 綜合高中
comprehensive senior high school
business-related courses
business management program
the satisfactory degree of learning
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: 本研究之主要目的在於了解中投區綜合高中開設商業管理學程的實施現況,以及探討中投區綜合高中學生對於選修商業管理學程之學習滿意情形。首先了解中投區綜合高中選修商業管理學程現況及選修學生的學習滿意度情形,其次分析不同背景變項的中投區綜合高中商業管理學程學生在學習滿意度上的差異情形,最後探討學生個人背景變項、家庭背景變項對學習滿意度之影響。並根據研究結果提出建議,以供有關單位作為提昇學生學習滿意度及規劃並改進綜合高中商業管理學程之參考。 基於上述目的,首先透過文獻探討,了解現行綜合高中開設商業管理學程的現況以及學生學習滿意度的相關理論與研究,進而自編「中投區綜合高中學生對商業管理學程學習滿意度」調查問卷,以中投區綜合高中選修商業管理學程三年級學生為研究對象,採普查方式進行調查研究,總計發出問卷1300份,得有效問卷937份,有效回收率為72.0%。利用次數分配、百分比、平均數、標準差、t考驗、單因子變異數、薛費事後比較等統計方法進行分析,得到研究結論如下: 一、中投區綜合高中商業管理學程學生整體的學習滿意程度屬於「尚可」接近「滿意」,學生對「學習成就」層面的滿意度相對較高,而以「學習環境」層面的滿意度相對較低。 二、中投區綜合高中商業管理學程學生整體的學習滿意度,及在各層面的滿意度,包括「教師教學」、「同儕關係」、「學習成就」、「課程教材」、「學習環境」之滿意度傾向均未達四分之滿意水準。 三、學校屬性不同、學生性別不同、選擇商業管理學程動機不同、學習興趣不同、職業檢定證照取得不同、進路規劃不同、智育成績不同、曾否接受過性向測驗之綜合高中商業管理學程學生,在學習滿意度上有顯著差異。 四、與家長(監護人)親子關係不同、家長(監護人)教育期望不同及家中學習環境不同的綜合高中商業管理學程學生,在學習滿意度上亦有顯著差異。 最後根據本研究分析結果提出建議,以提供學校及教師、教育行政機關及後續研究者未來研究之參考。
The research is to find out how business-related courses are taken in comprehensive senior high school in Taichung and Nantou areas in taiwan, and discuss how satisfied the students of comprehensive senior high school in Taichung and Nantou areas are with these business-related courses they have taken. First, the business-related courses and the students’ satisfaction in taking these courses were surveyed. Then, the differences in the satisfactory degree of learning these students with different backgrounds had made were analyzed after these students took the business-related courses. Finally, the influence(s) the students’ personal backgrounds as well as their family backgrounds had had on their satisfactory degree of learning was discussed. According to the research result, suggestions have thus been made to provide as a reference for the relevant authorities to enhance students’ satisfaction in learning as well as improve the business-related courses of comprehensive senior high school. Based on the above purposes, the relevant literature was first explored to find out the current situation of how the business-related courses in comprehensive senior high school are taken, along with the relevant theories and researches regarding students’ satisfaction in learning. Then, a self-designed questionnaire of “How Satisfied the Students of comprehensive Senior High School in Taichung and Nantou Areas are with the Business-related Courses They Have Taken” was distributed to the third-year students who took business-related courses. A general investigation approach was employed. 1300 copies of questionnaires were distributed while 937 of returned copies were valid; the percentage of validity was 72.0%. Then, these valid questionnaires were statistically analyzed with frequency distribution, percentage, average, standard deviation, t test,ANOVA analysis of variance (single-factor ANOVA), and Scheffe’s method. And, the conclusions are as follows. First, the satisfactory degree of learning these business-related courses the students of complex senior high school in Taichung and Nantou areas have taken are “Acceptable / O.K.”, yet more close to “Satisfactory”. These students are most satisfied with “learning achievement” while least satisfied with “learning environment”. Second, as a whole, the satisfactory degree of learning these business-related courses the students of comprehensive senior high school in Taichung and Nantou areas have taken, including teachers’ teaching, peer relationships, learning achievement, courses and learning materials, learning environment, tends to be lower than 4 points which stand for the standard of satisfaction.Third, these students have made tremendous differences in the satisfactory degree of learning due to their different schools, genders, motivation in choosing the business-related courses, interest in learning, licenses, career planning, intellectual scores, and their aptitude tests being taken or not. Fourth, these students have also made significant differences in the satisfactory degree of learning on the grounds that these students’ relationships with their parents or custodians are different as well as their parents’ or custodians’ expectations on their education vary. At last, based on the research analysis, suggestions have been made to provide schools, teachers, administrative authorities of education, and researchers for their reference in the future.
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