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Title: 雙邊半圓不貫穿木楔榫接結構強度之分析研究
The Study of Analysis of Structure Strength For Double end of Half Round Blind Wedges Joints
Authors: 盧俊宏
Keywords: 結構
Ellipse Joint
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討木材端面紋理斜率與榫接木楔鋸縫深度對橢圓木楔榫接結構強度之影響,並探討兩者間之相關性。透過實證研究蒐集相關資料,並以平均數、變異數分析法、獨立樣本t考驗、皮爾遜積差相關及線性迴歸分析等統計方法,進行分析歸納。以提供傢俱製造及設計業者作為參考。經研究結果摘述如下: 一、本研究試件之引拔強度平均數為1571.9kgf。 二、不同木材端面紋理斜率之引拔強度有顯著性差異,其F值為 47.09***,P<.001,表示斜率值愈大其引拔強度愈大。 三、不同木楔鋸縫深度之試件其引拔強度有顯著性差異,其t=-6.89***,P<.001,表示木楔鋸縫深度25mm比18mm有較大的引拔強度。 四、不同榫接鋸縫深度與木材端面紋理斜率在引拔強度交互作用未達顯著F=.166;P>.05。 五、榫孔紋理斜率x1、榫頭紋理斜率x2、斜率差x3及鋸縫深度x4與試件之引拔強度均呈顯著相關,其引拔強度(WS)原始分數迴歸方程式: (WS)=16.558x1+1.652x2-2.172x3+27.405x4+894.447kgf
The purpose of this research is to study the influence of the end grain angle and the depth of the wedges saw gap on the structure strength of wedges ellipse joint, also study the correlation between them. The related data is collected by means of the experimental method. It is analyzed, induced by using statistical methods, such as Mean, One-way ANOVA, Independent Samples T- Test, K. Pearson Product-Moment Correlation, Linear regression to offer the information as reference to the furniture produce and furniture designers. The following are the conclusions of this study : 1.The Mean of the withdrawal strength of the experiment species is 1571.90kgf. 2.There is significant discrepancy between the different ways of sawing and withdrawal strength F=47.09*** p< .001. The greater end grain angle is, the stronger withdrawal strength will be. 3.There is significant discrepancy between the different depth of sawed gap and withdrawal strength t= -6.89*** p< .001. The depth 25mm is more stronger than the 18mm in depth. 4.There is no significant discrepancy in the interaction of withdrawal strength between the different depth of sawed gap and the different ways of sawing. F= .166 P> .05. 5.There is significant correlation between tenon grain angle x1, mortise grain angle x2, end grain angle x3,and the depth of sawed gap x4, and the withdrawal strength, the raw score regression formula is (WS)=894.44kgf+16.55 x1+1.65 x2-2.17 x3+27.40 x4
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