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Title: 台北市高職教師感知學習型組織與學校效能之相關研究
Authors: 宋修德
Keywords: 高職學校
vocational school
learning organization
school effectiveness
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討台北市高職教師感知學習型組織與學校效能之現況與關係。本研究採問卷調查方式蒐集資料,以台北市高職教師為對象,採分層隨機抽樣方式選取樣本,總計分發335份問卷並回收有效問卷274份,以獨立樣本t考驗、單因子變異數分析、相關分析及逐步迴歸等統計方法進行分析。 本研究之結論如下: 一、台北市高職教師整體感知學習型組織與學校效能傾向中上程度。 二、高職教師不同性別、年齡、學歷、兼任行政職務、任教科目、電腦素養、及赴公民營企業研習次數對「學習型組織」五個向度及「學校效能」四個向度的感知程度顯示層次不同的差異。 三、不同任教學校類別的高職教師在「學習型組織」的「自我超越」及「建立共同願景」二個向度,以及在「學校效能」的「行政服務績效」、「教師專業品質」、「社區認同」的三個向度中存有差異。 四、逐步回歸統計結果顯示,在「學習型組織」中有四個向度可預測高職「學校效能」,按解釋變異量由多至少為「建立共同願景」、「團隊學習」、「改善心智模式」及「系統思考」等向度。
The aims of this study were to investigate the current situation and relationship between learning organization and school effectiveness of the vocational high school teachers in Taipei. The study used the questionnaire survey to gather related data from the vocational high school teachers in Taipei. A total 355 samples and 274 valid copies was collected by adopting stratified cluster sampling. The collected data was then analyzed by using t-test, one way ANOVA, product-moment correlation analysis and stepwise multiple regression. The conclusion was drawn as follows: 1. the vocational high school teachers in Taipei showed higher middle level score. 2. Different gender, age, academic degree, present duty, teaching subject, computer literacy and industrial learning will cause significant differences in the five dimensions of “learning organization ” and in the two dimensions of “school effectiveness ”. 3. Different teaching subjects showed the significant difference in the items of personal mastery, building shared vision and administrative service performance, teacher’s professional ability and the community acceptance of the “school effectiveness ”. 4. The statistics indicated that the learning organization can predict the “school effectiveness ” of the vocational high school. According the explanatory variance, it can be divided into four dimensions such as: “building shared vision”, “team learning”, “improving mental models” and “systems thinking”. Keywords: vocational high school、learning organization、school effectiveness
Other Identifiers: N2003000158
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