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Title: 綜合高中因應知識經濟策略與學校效能相關之研究
Authors: 許良明
Keywords: 綜合高中
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討綜合高中因應知識經濟策略與學校效能之關係。依研究目的,本研究採文獻探討及問卷調查進行。研究樣本為台灣地區之30所公私立綜合高中,針對教師及行政人員實施問卷調查。取樣方法為分層隨機抽樣,並以教師三分之二、行政教職員三分之一之比例隨機取樣。發出問卷710份,回收問卷計478份,實得有效問卷445份,可用率63%。研究工具為自編的「綜合高中因應知識經濟策略與學校效能相關之研究調查問卷」。所得資料以電腦SPSS 10.0版套裝軟體進行項目分析、因素分析、信度分析、t檢定、單因子變異數分析、積差相關及多元逐步迴歸分析等統計考驗。研究發現不同環境變項的綜合高中,在因應知識經濟策略現況上,會因不同的學校位置而有差異;不同人口變項的綜合高中教職員,在因應知識經濟策略的認知傾向上,會因不同的年齡而有差異;不同工作背景變項的綜合高中教職員,在因應知識經濟策略的認知傾向上,會因不同的職務而有差異;綜合高中因應知識經濟策略現況及教職員因應知識經濟策略的認知傾向與學校效能均呈現顯著正相關;綜合高中因應知識經濟策略現況與教職員因應知識經濟策略的認知傾向均可顯著預測學校效能。依據研究發現對教育行政機關、綜合高中、教職員及未來研究方向提出建議。
The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between the Strategies for Knowledge-Based Economy (SKBE) and school effectiveness in Comprehensive High Schools (CHS). Literature reviews and questionnaires were used to accomplish the purpose of this study. The subjects include teachers and staffs from thirty CHSs, which were selected using stratified sampling method. The sample size consists of 445 participants. The statistical methods used were factory analysis, reliability analysis, t-test, one-way ANOVA, Pearson product-moment correlation and stepwise multiple regression. Through data analysis some significant findings were obtained: the following to the extent that environment is different, the SKBE varies with the location of the CHS. Age and employment background of the subjects were also found to be variables affecting SKBE. A high positive correlation exists between SKBE and effectiveness in CHS. Thus, the relationship between schools and staffs could be used for predicting SKBE, with applicable ramifications for both official education departments and CHSs.
Other Identifiers: N2003000132
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