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Title: 建構我國高職生命教育e-learning環境之研究
A Study of Constructing E-learning Environment of Life Education for Vocational High School Students in Taiwan
Authors: 葉 榮 木
Keywords: 生命教育
Life education
Action research
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 摘要 生命教育是教育部目前推動的重點工作之一,在國中、小階段:有縣市教育局生命教育融入式課程之推動,在大專院校階段:有通識課程可供選修,在高中職階段:普通高級中學95課程暫綱中規劃有生命教育相關的課程,但高職並無生命教育相關課程之規劃。在資訊融入各科教學的概念下,輔以目前網路頻寬與e-learning平台技術已日趨穩定,本研究嘗試以e-learning平台來推動高職之生命教育課程。 本研究發展「我國高職生命教育e-learning需求問卷」,以調查研究法進行生命教育e-learning環境需求之調查;以系統發展法發展e-learning平台;以內容分析法發展生命教育課程;以準實驗研究法進行以e-learning平台進行生命教育教學之成效檢驗。目的為了解目前國內高中職學校生命教育實施現況,探討我國高職生命教育e-learning之可行性,分析我國高職以e-learning推動生命教育所應掌握的因素構面,建構我國高職以e-learning推動生命教育之模式,依據實證研究結果提出可供參考之具體建議 抽樣109校共計1090份問卷,回收956份問卷,有效問卷804份,經統計分析發現生命教育e-learning需求有八個構面,其中「e-learning環境」可影響「e-learning 需求性」、「網路虛擬化人格」、「網路行為習慣」、及「網路生命教育」。並召開專家會議建置e-learning平台與發展生命教育教材,再以國立苗栗高商國際貿易科兩班為準實驗研究之實驗組與控制組,施測四週後,以謝曼盈(民92)所發展之「生命態度量表」進行前後測,發現實驗組與控制組在生命態度上有顯著性差異,顯示以e-learning平台進行高職生命教育,有相當程度之可行性。
Life education has become one of the major tasks promoted and implemented by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan. Currrently, in the elementary and junior high school have all provided this courses , and be initiated by the county Bureau of Education. However, in the tertiary education, life education have been included in the general education. Besides, it is not included in the curriculum of vocational schools. Therefore, the main purpose of this study was to establish an e-learning platform to promote the life education for the vocational high education schools. The survey method was utilized to investigate the demands of promoting life education with e-learning. The establishment of the e-learning platform was completed through the system development. The curriculum of life education for the e-learning was designed by way of the content analysis with relevant literature and teaching materials. Finally, a quasi-experimental method was conducted to examine the effectiveness of students’ learning life education complemented by e-learning. A questionnaire survey was designed and administered to ascertain any relationship that existed among the 8 dimensions of life education by e-learning. Subjects were 1090 students in 109 vocational schools. The response rate was about 88%. The research results indicated that “the e-learning environment” affected “the demands of e-learning,” “the network virtual personality,” “network behaviors,” and “the network life education.” A quasi-experimental method was conducted to explore the teaching and learning effectiveness of life education through e-learning. The finding suggested that there were significant differences between the experimental group and the control group, indicating that it is feasible and valuable to apply e-learning to implement the life education.
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