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Title: 任務科技適配與科技焦慮對高職生參觀勞工安全衛生展示館學習成效影響之研究
The Impact of Task-Technology Fitness and Technology Anxiety on Vocational High School Students’ Learning Effectiveness for Visiting Exhibition Hall of Occupational Safety and Health
Authors: 莊謙本
Keywords: 任務科技適配
Task Technology Fitness
Technology Anxiety
Technology Use Satisfaction
Learning Achievement
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討技職學生對「勞工安全衛生展示館」之任務科技適配模式及科技焦慮對於學習成效的影響。研究方法採取問卷調查法,研究對象為公私立高職學生,以便利取樣有效樣本共883人,實施「勞工安全衛生展示科技之任務科技適配與科技焦慮」問卷調查。以描述統計、t檢定、單因子變異數分析以及徑路分析統計後,發現「任務科技適配」對「科技使用滿意」有顯著的影響;對學習績效而言,「任務科技適配」與「科技焦慮」交互影響將影響個人學習績效。本研究發現在高度「科技焦慮」的情況下,即使「任務科技適配」的程度高,科技使用者亦難以達到高學習績效。本研究建議展示館的設計宜朝向減低科技焦慮,以提高參觀者的學習成效。
The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of Task Technology Fitness and Technology Anxiety on Learning Achievement for visiting Exhibition Hall of Occupational Safety and Health. 883 vocational high school students were selected as samples for questionnaire survey after their visiting Exhibition Hall of OSH. Several statistic methods were used to analyze the effect of Task Technology Fitness, Technology Anxiety to Technology Use Satisfaction and Learning Achievement. There is a significant effect of Technology Fitness to Technology Use Satisfaction. Both Task Technology Fitness and Technology Anxiety are effective to Learning Achievement. But Learning Achievement is less in high Technology Anxiety condition even if Technology Fitness is high enough. Therefore, the policy of environment design of Exhibition Hall can be oriented to reduce Technology Anxiety to improve visitor's Learning Achievement.
Other Identifiers: GN0699700271
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