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Title: 利用粗糙集理論分析創業意圖
Authors: 吳明雄
Keywords: 創業
Entrepreneurship Education
Social-economic status
Rough Sets Theory
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 全球金融危機的影響,全球經濟陷入衰退之中,面對如此嚴峻的經濟情勢,未來世界經濟的競爭力,創業活動可以降低失業率與通貨膨脹的情況,進而促使經濟成長,換句話說,創業活動有助於國家經濟繁榮和經濟成長(Hindle & Rushworth, 2000),但目前創業議題多半集中於創業歷程與其創業者特質的研究,研究對象大部分聚焦在已創業者,鮮少以學生為研究對象,探討學生的創業意圖與其影響因素等,為求教育資源正確投入,本研究將著眼於利用家庭社經地位資料分析創業意圖,希望能對創業意圖的研究與發現有所貢獻。 考量研究需求與資料取得性,本研究之對象以全國高技術創造力學生綻光創業研習活動的學生,共計有80人。在實際狀況中所取得的資料,卻可能發生與統計假設相左右的情況,如此即造成資料在分析時易產生預測的偏差或無法取得隠匿的資訊。有鑑於此,研究係依據粗糙集理論的觀念,分析看似模糊、不精確或不確定之學生家庭社經地位,盼找出資料內隱含之訊息,以系統化方式將其應用於創業意圖上,以協助未來在創業教育上,能事先將資料做有效運用管理。 研究發現透過學生的家庭社經地位背景,可歸納出創業意圖的規則,以父親之教育程度、父親目前之職業、父親是否曾自行創業、母親是否曾接受專科學校以上之專門領域訓練、母親目前之職業最為重要,共推演出36條決策規則,8條規則的支持強度較佳,有6條是可以推演出具有創業意圖者,本創業意圖預測模型的總品質率達90 %,總近似準確率達79.74%,表示分類準確跟預測準確機率皆達一定水準。教育單位應該要關懷較為弱勢的家庭,以求社會進步與社會正義,發揮資源配置最佳化。
Owing to the global economy into recession, entrepreneurial activity contributes to national economic prosperity and economic growth.By limited educational resources, how to sift students in the screening process, and know the intention of its business, to make the most correct choice will have a considerable degree of influence, but also willing to make capital allocation optimization. However, in the actual situation of the information obtained, it may occur with the statistical assumptions about the situation, so that the resulting data analysis easy to forecast deviations or unable to obtain information about the Punic Policy. In view of this, this study used the analysis of rough set, the expectations can develop a better forecasting model. The study found the contexts of socio-economic status families are related to the intention of business are related from the students in screening. Among the father's education, father's current occupation whether the father start an enterprise or mother had received college training or more specialized areas, the occupation of mother, we performed 36 decision-making rules. In this the background of entrepreneurial intention of students may be with the family in order to improve the environment. Therefore, the Ministry of Education should care the vulnerable families more and support the education resources here. With a view to social progress and development and social justice, that is the optimization in allocation of resources.
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