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Title: 臺灣高科技產業導入數位學習之研究
A Study of the Introducing e-Learning for High-Tech Industry in Taiwan
Authors: 吳明雄
Wu Ming-Hsiung
Hsieh Yung-Chia
Keywords: 高科技產業
High-Tech Industry
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討臺灣高科技產業導入數位學習的實際情形,研究目的在於了解個案導入數位學習的實際做法、遭遇之困難及解決模式,並評估高科技產業人員在數位學習所獲得的成效,最後歸納高科技產業導入數位學習的關鍵因素。採用質性研究方法,並透過文件分析及個案訪談進行探究,本研究之對象為新竹科學園區、土城工業區、台南科學園區及新店遠東工業區共四家科學園區,並對四家個案公司的人力資源部門主管進行訪談,從策略規劃、組織文化、學員特質、課程及教材、資源技術及成效評估等層面歸納發展訪談大綱。 資料的分析步驟根據訪談逐字稿、筆記等資料,來敘述個案公司在導入數位學習的各項實際作法,接著將所蒐集到的資料進行編碼及分類,以分析歸納出本研究之主要發現。 研究發現組織文化、績效升遷及設計的流程平台是導入數位學習的關鍵重要因素。外商公司的組織學習文化較為主動且積極,且數位學習系統評估設計完善。半導體產業數位學習課程偏好自製。高科技產業的數位學習課程,採自由學習方式,無強制性的規定;數位學習的學習時數和績效考核雖然沒有直接關係,但是會做為員工升遷上的考核依據。
The purpose of research was to analyze the real situation of study of the introducing e-Learning for High-Tech Industry in Taiwan, in order to understand the real situation, suffer difficulty, solution and assessment learning effect of the enterprise. Finally, sum up the key factors of implementation e-Learning in high-tech industry. Document analysis and qualitative interview method were both adopted. In this research, the case which have Hsin-chu Science-based Industrial Park, Tucheng Industrial Area, science-based industrial park work, Sindian Industrial Area for four science parks and Interview managers of the Human Resource Department in the four science parks. The research applied strategic planning, corporate culture, student characteristic, training course and teaching materials, resources and technical, and performance evaluation as the interview structure. Data were collected by interviews with the managers and literature review to analyze the real situation of Study of the introducing e-Learning. Data were filed in code and classification that sums up the main discovery of this research. The research results showed that corporate culture, performance evaluation and design platform were the critical factors of introducing e-Learning. Foreign enterprise learning culture comparatively initiative, positive and design refined for e-Learning system evaluation. The semiconductor industry e-Learning course prefer making by oneself. The findings of this study present that e-Learning course adopted free learning in High-Tech Industry. Examined have no direct relationsin study results and performance of e-learning, but can be transferred and promoted the basis for the staff.
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