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Title: 少子化趨勢下私立高職經營策略之研究
A Study on the Management Strategy of Private Vocational High Schools in the Trend of Declining Birthrates in Taiwan
Authors: 莊謙本
Keywords: 少子化
low birth rate of children
private vocational high school
school management strategy
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 本研究以我國私立高職學校校長及ㄧ級行政主管為研究對象進行問卷調查,採取全面普查方式。其研究目的在探討我國私立高職在少子化趨勢下目前經營現況與困境分析,並經由研究結果提出我國私立高職在面對「少子化」趨勢下,其招生策略、師資質量維持、財務經營及公關發展等四大行政構面經營發展策略。 研究中發出調查問卷260份,回收問卷有173份,經剔除無效問卷後,得到有效問卷為146份,有效問卷回收率為56%,經整理問卷調查所得之數據,進行統計分析。依據研究發現與結論,研究者分別依招生策略、財務經營、師資質量維持以及公關發展等四大行政構面提出經營策略,以供未來我國私立高職經營管理者在面對「少子化」趨勢下之永續經營參考。
This research explored the management difficulties and its solving policy in the Private Vocational High Schools in Taiwan. Its purpose is to investigate the coping strategy for the impacts of the low birth rates of children in Taiwan including student recruit, quality of teachers, budget planning and public relationship development. A questionnaire was developed to collect school administrators’ idea to deal with the problems coming from low birth-rate trends. There are 260 questionnaires distributed to 65 private vocational high schools to reach their principals, directors of teaching affairs, and directors of general affairs. Among them, 173 were answered, but only 146 were valid, the validity ratio is 56%. Some suggestions were given to the school administrators to make preparations for the future after statistic analysis.
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