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Title: 動態化媒體應用於高職電子科抽象概念學科對學生學習成效之影響
Effects of Dynamic Media on Course of Abstract Concept for Vocational High School Students in Electronic Department
Authors: 許全守
HAU, Chuan-Shou
HUANG, Jeng-Shieh
Keywords: 動態化媒體
Dynamic Media
Abstract Concept
Learning Effectiveness
Vocational Education Instruction
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討動態化媒體應用於高職電子科抽象概念學科教學對學生學習成效之影響。為達成研究目的,採準實驗研究法設計,以高職電子科二年級一班學生分為實驗組與控制組,進行為期四週的教學實驗。實驗進行,實驗組運用旗立出版社研發並公開於線上資訊的動態化媒體教材進行教學;控制組運用非動態化之透明片媒體教學。研究結果以研究者自編的學習成效測驗及學生使用動態化媒體滿意度問卷進行評估,經描述性統計、t考驗分析其結果,而獲致如下之結論: 一、動態化媒體對抽象概念學科之教學具有提昇學生之學習成效,且達p<.05之顯著水準。 二、學生對動態化媒體教學抱持正面肯定的滿意態度。 最後,根據研究結果提出具體建議,以供學校、教師及未來研究者參考。
The purpose of this study is to explore the influences of learning effects on dynamic media on an abstract-concept course for senior high vocational school students in the electronic department. To achieve the study purpose, Quasi-Experimental method was used for one second-grade class divided into both an experimental group and a control group from a Taipei-city-private senior high vocational school in the electronic department. The instruction was conducted within four weeks. The experimental group which was taught through a dynamic media instruction that designed by Chi-Li Information Company and the other control group which was taught through a non-dynamic media instruction. The result of this study were evaluated both with a self-developed test and a setesfactory questionnaire. Subsequently, the data of this study was analyzed by descriptive statistics, and t test. Consequently there were two conclusions obtained as follows: 1. The dynamic media improved the studying benefit for the student to the teaching of abstract concept, and which also reached the significant difference level (p<.05). 2. The students using dynamic media’s instruction hold a positive attitude. The study also purposed some suggestions for administrators, teachers and future researchers.
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