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Title: 電機實驗之嵌入式專家系統設計與實現
Design and Implementation of the Embedded Expert System on Electric Machinery Experiment
Authors: 曾煥雯
Tzeng, Huan-Wen
Cheng, Tsai-Hsin
Keywords: 專家系統
Expert System
Skill Learning
Embedded System
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 向來專家系統必須要應用於電腦上,受限於經費、系統開啟、安裝體積等限制,經過研究詳細分析後,既然是執行應用的階段,重點在於程式系統的執行,設法克服上述三個限制為本研究主要目的。本研究也考量傳統實驗設備昂貴、操作危險高、故障維修困難外,加上學習者人數多,教師難以充分指導每一個學習者的每一個操作,而降低了學習成效。 本研究設計用於電機實驗之嵌入式專家系統設計,系統核心係以8051為基底之嵌入式系統晶片,運用專家系統CLIPS的推論結果建構知識規則庫、實驗接線規則庫、錯誤接線診斷規則庫,再將規則庫內容植入嵌入式系統晶片,做成智慧型嵌入式系統晶片,擔任硬體輔助教學的角色,系統晶片與實際電機實驗接線服務平台結合,透過數位訊號擷取模組診斷學習者的接線過程,診斷與分析學習者的接線模式,提供學習者完善多層次之學習環境。 本研究使用Silicon Laboratories所開發的嵌入式系統晶片為系統發展核心,提供具專家系統功能的電機實驗教學平台,學習者透過電機實驗實際接線服務面板(Reality Wiring Service Panel;RWSP)的數位訊號,偵測學習者實際接線情況,應用嵌入式系統晶片體積小、低耗能、穩定性高、處理速度快的特性來增加系統的真實性、互動性及智慧性,適時地提供輔助教師對學生在實驗過程中的隨時監控、引導、操作、示範,完成互動式電機實驗訓練服務環境,突破傳統教學思維的範疇,不僅讓學習環境呈現多元化,也助於提昇學習成效。
In conventions, expert system must be used on computer for inference operation. While operation on desktop, expert system has some limitations such as budget, system setup and volume. The major purpose of this research is to reduce constraints as manpower of experiment and hazards of electric machinery. An embedded expert system having above functions had been proposed here. In this research, silicon laboratories development is used as the system module. Its’ system kernel uses system on chip microprocessor for 8051 based. According to expert system inference results, we classify knowledge rule base, experiment rule base, and diagnosis rule base. Finally, those expert rules are embedded on microprocessor. The microprocessor properties are real time, interaction and intelligent reasoning. A signal acquisition module with DI/O interface is used to build the Reality Wiring Service Panel (RWSP). Students can practice and accustom to the operating and experimenting on this test-bed for the experiment study of electric machinery operation. Follow the requests of real-time, small-volume, low-loss, high- stability, this research develop an interaction and intelligence system for assist teachers to give guidance, examples to students. Students could use and practice in the virtual wiring environment to achieve the practice purpose of skill learning. Finally, this environment have monitor about many kinds of wiring study, and it has the functions of real-time interaction, intelligent guidance and determines for wiring experiment on electric machinery. And this system has enhances the efficiency of learning environment and the effectiveness of learning.
Other Identifiers: GN0693700396
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