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Title: 不同認知風格學生接受混合式教學之學習成效分析研究─以高中「電腦網路」教學為例
Effectiveness Analysis of Blended Learning for Students with Different Cognitive Styles In case of High School Computer Network Instruction.
Authors: 莊謙本
CHUANG, Chien-Pen
Keywords: 認知風格
Cognitive Styles
Blended Learning
Field Dependent
Field- Independent
Prior Knowledge
Computer Network
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本研究的目的在根據認知風格理念,探討不同先備知識的學生,接受混合式教學與傳統式教學模式的教學後,所獲得教學成效的差異。實驗樣本143人與對照樣本137人均取自高中一年級學生,教學單元選自「計算機概論」課程中的電腦網路原理。教學實驗採用單因子實驗設計,以探討認知風格理念中的場域獨立、場域相依與高、中、低三種先備知識因子各自對電腦網路原理學習成效的影響。經過九週的教學實驗後,獲得以下結論: 1.認知風格中「場域獨立」學習者比「場域依賴」學習者更適合在電腦網路課程「混合式教學」。 2.先備知識中「高先備知識」學習者比「中先備知識」學習者及「低先備知識」學習者更適合在電腦網路課程「混合式教學」。 3.認知風格中「場域獨立」學習者比「場域依賴」學習者更適合在電腦網路課程「傳統式教學」。 4.先備知識中「高先備知識」學習者比「中先備知識」學習者及「低先備知識」學習者更適合在電腦網路課程「傳統式教學」。 5.混合式教學環境比傳統式教學環境更適用於在電腦網路教學。
Due to the difference of instructional effectiveness, the research discuss if the learners who have different prior knowledge have different between Blended Teaching and Traditional Teaching models, which is based on Cognitive Styles philosophy. There are 143 experimental objects and 137 control objects both sampled from first- grade high-school students. They are all studying “Computer Network principle” of “Introduction to Computer”. It is an one-way ANOVA experimental design to explore the effectiveness difference between Cognitive Style philosophy including Field Dependent and Field Independent. The principle interacted with prior knowledge, such as high level, medium level, and low level. As a result, different levels of the analysis of variance in the treatment groups’ performance in the post shows the influence of different variables obviously. Some findings were concluded as the following, during the experimental period of nine weeks. 1. Field Dependent of cognitive styles students are more adequate in Blended Learning than Field Independent students in the Computer Network course. 2. Due to the prior knowledge, the high-level students are the more adequate in Blended Learning than the medium-level and the low-level students in the Computer Network course. 3. In the Cognitive Style, the Field Dependent students are more adequate than the Field Independent students in the applying the traditional teaching in the Computer Network course. 4. According to the prior knowledge, the high-level prior knowledge students is more adequate than the medium-level as well as the low-level in applying Traditional Teaching in the Computer Network course. 5. Blended Learning style is better than Traditional Learning style for Learning Computer Network.
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