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dc.contributorHow-Gao Hsuen_US
dc.contributor.authorHong-Pu Wangen_US
dc.description.abstract本研究旨在探討中等教育設計群師資培育專門課程整合之可行性,分析中等教育師資培育設計群11科專門科目的關聯性,期望從中發現11科別之專門科目重疊性,以求用最少的教育資源達到最大的教育效益。本研究以文件分析法將中等教育設計群師資培育專門科目整合為一表,發現其中重疊性高,將此整合表作為本研究之基礎,發展出關於我國中等教育設計群師資培育專門課程起源、發展過程、現況問題、未來方向等面向之訪談題目綱要,再運用訪談調查法針對中等教育設計群師資培育專門科目及學分規劃各科召集人11位中隨機選取六位進行質性訪談,將訪談資料整理歸納,以內容分析法得到以下重要結論: 一、 中等教育設計群師資培育專門科目及學分規畫一覽表11科別之專門科目重複性高,是因同屬設計群,而當中亦有保留各科特色課程。即便相同專門科目名稱,於不同科別教授時,教學內容以及實際運用案例也會有些差異。 二、 整合中等教育設計群師資培育專門課程之可行性實屬困難,原因為各科仍應培育各科特色之師資。如結論一所述,並非專門科目名稱相同便認定為同一課程,應更詳細的研究其中課程內涵與教授內容,而非單以專門科目名稱相同做為整併之依據。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThis study aims to investigate specialty subjects in design cluster for teacher education program for secondary education. This study expects that found the specialized subjects of the 11 departments intersection, in order to use the least educational resources to achieve maximum educational benefit. In this study, document analysis the specifically courses of the 11 departments in design cluster of secondary education teacher training into a table and found a high intersection. Interview questions outline contain the development process, the status of the problem and the future direction for the further investigation. This study interviews six convenors who planed specialized course of cultivating design cluster teacher for secondary education. The interview data compilation inductive content analysis method to obtain the following important conclusions: First, the list of specifically subjects for teacher training in design cluster of secondary and credits planning is high repeatability, because the 11 departments belong to the design group. Even the name of the same specialized courses in different divisions will be some differences. Second, it is difficult to integrate the specifically subjects of teacher training in design cluster of secondary education, due to the characteristics of the 11 subjects are not the same. It should be studied in more detail the content of the course connotation, rather than a single specialized subjects with the same name as the basis for consolidation.en_US
dc.subjectTeacher trainingen_US
dc.subjectspecifically subjectsen_US
dc.subjectdesign clusteren_US
dc.subjectspecialty subjects in teacher education program of design clusteren_US
dc.titleThe Study of Specialty Subjects in Teacher Education Program for Secondary Education of Design Clusteren_US
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