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Title: 高職教師技術士證取得與學生實習課程學習成效關係之探討-以機械基礎之車床實習課程為例
A Study on the Relations between Vocational High School Teacher’s Technician Certificate Acquisition and Student’s Learning Effect in the Practice Curriculum—on the case of Lathe Works Practice Class
Authors: 宋修德
Cheng Fu Hsing
Keywords: 技術士證
technician certificate
learning effect
Mechanical Engineering department in vocational high school
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討公立高職機械科教師技術士證取得,與學生實習課程學習成效之相關性,研究調查問卷以分層叢集抽樣方式,對北、中、南各區共抽樣14所公立高職機械科機械基礎實習之車床課程學生進行施測,共發出1200份問卷,有效問卷回收982份,有效回收率81.8%。問卷回收後,以描述性統計、獨立樣本t考驗及單因子變異數分析等統計方法進行量表與研究假設的驗證。 就研究結果分析如下: 一、就全體接受調查教師而言(包含取得及未取得技術士證教師),其學生機械基礎之車床實習課程學生學習成效,以取得技術士證之教師高於未取得技術士證之教師。 二、就教師「年齡」、「教育程度」、「師資培育機構」、「服務年資」、「擔任職務」、「學校區域」、「是否為選手訓練教師」等變項,不影響機械基礎之車床實習課程學生學習成效。
This study was aimed discussing the correlation between Mechanical Engineering teachers’ technician certificate acquisition in public vocational high school and their students’ learning effect in practice classes. It selected students of Lathe Works Practice class as the study subject and issued 1,200 copies of questionnaire in the manner of stratified cluster sampling to 14 public vocational high schools throughout the island. There were 982 valid copies in total, making the valid response rate of 81.8%. The data collected from the questionnaire survey was processed with descriptive statistics, independent samples T-test, and one way ANOVA to verify the questionnaire and study hypothesis. The study results are analyzed as follows: I. As for the interviewees (including both teachers with and without technician certificates), the students of teachers with technician certificates perform better in study on lathe works practice class than those of teachers without technician certificates. II. Regarding the relations between teachers with/without technician certificates and their students’ learning effect on lathe works practice class, there is no significant difference in terms of teachers’ “age,” “educational background,” “teacher education institute,” “years of teaching experience,” “title of position,” “region of school,” and “the responsibility of coaching players of skill competition.”
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