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Title: 不同入學管道之高中學生學習成效比較研究-以新北市樹林高中為例
A Comparative Study for Learning Achievements of Students Through Diversified-Admission Access to New Taipei Municipal Shulin Senior High School
Authors: 莊謙本
Keywords: 多元入學
Multiple Enrollment Program
Learning Achievements
Learning Satisfaction
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討不同入學管道學生在學習成效上的差異比較,並以新北市立樹林高級中學為研究對象。主要目的在了解:一、不同入學管道學生入學後的差異情況;二、不同入學管道與性別學生在校前五學期成績與大學學科能力測驗成績之差異情況;三、探討不同入學管道與性別的學生學習滿意度之差異情況。 本研究採次級資料分析法及問卷調查法,以學生入學第一次段考成績、在校五學期成績及大學學測級分為資料進行分析;並以樹林高中學生學習滿意度問卷為研究工具,取得有效樣本457份。資料以描述性統計、單因子變異數分析驗證本研究之假設。 本研究得到以下結論: 一、就入學第一次段考成績:入學管道別無顯著差異;女生顯著高於男生。 二、就在校五學期成績:第一學期免試入學顯著高於登記分發,其餘學期無顯著差異;第一到第五學期均為女生顯著高於男生。 三、就大學學測總級分:僅申請入學顯著大於免試入學,其他入學管道無異;不同性別學生無顯著差異。在五科中僅自然科登記分發入學顯著高於免試入學;女生在國文、英文和社會三科顯著高於男生,男生在數學、自然兩科顯著高於女生。 四、就整體的學習滿意度:入學管道別和性別皆無顯著差異;在「課程設計」、「教師教學」、「環境設備」和「同儕關係」構面中,入學管道別皆無顯著差異;性別中僅「課程設計」女生顯著高於男生。 最後根據研究結果提出建議,以供相關人員參考。
The purpose of this study was to explore whether students attending New Taipei Municipal Shulin Senior High School through diverse entrance might have different learning achievements. The main purpose of this research is to understand the differences among students with different background variables in three aspects: (1) Students’ academic performance after enrollment; (2) Students’ performance in the first five semesters in high school and GSAT (General Scholastic Ability Test); (3) Learning satisfaction. This study used secondary data analysis and questionnaire survey to analyze students’ performance in the first monthly exam, the first five semesters, and GSAT. Students’ learning satisfaction questionnaires, with 457 valid samples, were used as a research tool. The hypothesis of this study was verified through descriptive statistics and one way ANOVA of variance. The present study has the following conclusions: 1. On the first monthly exam results: Admission accesses make no difference; however, girls obviously performed better than boys. 2. On the five-semester results at school: students via open admission performed much better than those through registration distribution in the first semester; girls were apparently more excellent than boys in the other semesters. 3. On GSAT results: only those who applied for admission were significantly greater than those through open admission; genders make no difference. Among the five subjects, students through registration distribution only got better grades in Science than those through open admission. As to genders, girls obviously performed better in Chinese, English, and Social Science than boys, while boys apparently got higher grades in Math and Science. 4. On the overall learning satisfaction: admission access and genders make no difference; in the main dimensions, we see no significant difference among admission access; girls are much more satisfied with “curriculum design” than boys. Based on the study results, our suggestions are referred to the relevant personnel.
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