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Title: 以基於萃思法之新型多準則決策架構創新電信服務
Authors: 黃啟祐
Huang, Chi Yo
Liao, Li Ching
Keywords: 服務創新
Service innovation
The Russian Theory of Inventive Problems Solving (TRIZ)
Telecommunication services
Telecommunication services
Decision-Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (DETMATEL)
Analytical Network Hierarchical Process (ANP)
Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM)
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 在電信自由化以及電信技術快速發展的大勢之下,電信服務供應商面臨激烈的市場競爭,唯對電信服務供應商而言,於提昇技術的同時欲提昇服務創新並進而提昇顧客滿意度並不容易。當電信服務供應商擬提升創新服務之時, 業者可導入適當的策略以提升服務服品質。唯少有文獻探討電信服務品質如何透過創新並加以改善。因此,本研究擬定義一包含德懷術、決策實驗室研究法、網路層級分析法和萃思法之多準則決策架構以提升電信服務品質。首先,本研究擬利用文獻回顧歸納可評估新型電信服務品質之要素,並將利用德懷術進一步歸納專家意見,並使用實驗室研究法推衍要素之間互相影響的關係,並以對其它要素影響程度最大者做為優先改善,提昇創新電信服務品質之要素。其次,本研究將以萃思法推衍可能之創新原則後,再次導入實驗室研究法推衍針對每一需要優先改善之要素所得創新原則間之關係後以網路層級分析法計算對應於每一創新原則之權重後選擇權重最高之創新原則作為最適於提昇創新服務品質之策略。本研究將以第三代行動通訊服務供應商所提供的簡訊服務證明本決策分析架構之可行性,所推導的發明原則將可作為提昇簡訊服務品質之創新策略。
Under the mega trend of telecommunication liberalization as well as fast evolution of telecommunication technologies, telecommunications service providers have faced intense market competition at the moment when trying to catch up with the most up-to-date telecommunication technologies. Improving the quality of innovative services and enhancing the customer satisfactory further are not easy for telecommunication service providers. When telecommunication service providers intend to enhance innovative services, appropriate strategies for enhancing the service quality should be leveraged. However, very few articles discussed about how telecommunication service quality can be improved through innovation. Thus, this paper intends to enhance the telecommunication service quality by defining the MCDM based decision framework consisting with Delphi, Decision-Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (DEMATEL), Analytical Network Process (ANP) and TRIZ, the Russian theory for inventive problem solving. At first, factors that can be leveraged to evaluate the quality of a novel telecommunication service will be summarized by using the literature review and concluded by using the Delphi method further based on experts’ opinions. Then, relationships between the factors can be structured by using the DEMATEL. The factors with the greatest impacts on the other factors will be summarized as key factors for enhancing the quality of a novel telecommunication service. Further, the TRIZ will be introduced to derive Inventive Principles (IPs) as possible innovation strategies as alternatives for enhancing the quality of the novel telecommunication service. Finally, the DEMATEL will be introduced again for structuring the decision problem and ANP will be introduced for deriving weights versus the possible IPs and selecting the most suitable IPs for innovating a telecommunication service. The strategies with higher weights will be selected as the most appropriate innovation strategies for enhancing the service quality of innovative telecommunication service. An empirical study based on the short message services (SMS) being provided by a third generation (3G) telecommunication service provider will be leveraged for demonstrating the feasibility of the proposed TRIZ based MCDM framework. Inventive principles which can serve as the innovation strategies toward enhancing the service quality of the 3G SMS are expected to be derived. The TRIZ based novel MCDM framework can be leveraged for enhancing any services and achieve product (new service) or process (new service process) innovation. Further, the innovation strategies being derived can be leveraged for innovating the 3G SMS.
Other Identifiers: GN0097702302
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