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Title: 學習共同體對高職學生專業實習科目學習成效影響之研究
Research on the Impact of Learning Community’s Effects on theLearning Achievmentof Professional PracticeCoursesfor Vocational High SchoolStudents
Authors: 郭金國
Kuo, Chin-Guo
Hung, Sheng-Hung
Keywords: 高職學生
vocational high school students
professional internship courses
learning communities
learning achievment
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討學習共同體對高職專業技術教學學習成效影響之研究,主要是探討學習共同體融入陶瓷基礎實習課程教學之模式,對陶瓷工程科一年級學生課後學習成效影響。 本研究採用文獻探討與專家諮詢方式,發展學習共同體教學活動,再以準實驗法方式蒐集相關資料如:認知測驗成績、技能測驗成績、情意表現成績、不同學習風格量表等。統計方式包含次數百分比、t檢定、單因子變異數分析、單因子共變數分析等。研究結果說明如下: 一、 陶瓷基礎實習課程實施傳統教學,顯著提升學生的認知學習成效。 二、 陶瓷基礎實習課程實施學習共同體教學,提升學生的技能學習成效。 三、 陶瓷基礎實習課程實施學習共同體教學,技能領域學習成效中女生優於男生。 最後本研究根據研究結果,分別針對學習共同體在教學實施方面、教學評量方面及未來研究方面,提出相關建議提供未來學習共同體學者專家參考。
This study aims to probe the impact of the learning community’s teaching effectiveness on vocational technique and to explore the teaching pattern which is integrated into the learning community. The main focus is on the Ceramics and Porcelain internship curriculum and the impact of its effectiveness on first-year Ceramics majors’ after-school learning . In this study, literature review and expert consultation have been adopted to develop Learning Community teaching activities , and then the collection of relevant data with quasi-experimental method is used to acquire cognitive test scores , skill test scores , affective performance results, different learning styles Inventory,etc. Statistical methods include the percentage of the number of times , t -test, one-way ANOVA ,ANCOVA,etc. . The results of the statistical analysis on learning community pedagogy and experimental researches are described below: 1.Teaching basic ceramics practice courses with traditional methods significantly improves students' cognitive learning. 2.Applying learning community pedagogy to ceramics internship curriculum obviously raises the effectiveness of students' skills learning. 3. With the application of learning community pedagogy to ceramics practice curriculum, the effectiveness of girls' learning performances are higher than those of the boys. Based on the research , this study presents a total of recommendations , regarding the learning community in teaching ,teaching assessment and future researches. These will serve as a future reference for learning community scholars and the experts.
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