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Title: 以基於模糊多目標規劃之網路資料包絡 分析評估供應網路績效
Fuzzy Multi-Objective Programming Based Network Data Envelopment Analysis for Evaluation Perfor-mance of Supply Networks
Authors: 黃啟祐
Huang, Chi-Yo
Shen, Wen-Chun
Keywords: 網路資料包絡分析
Network Data Envelopment Analysis
Fuzzy Multiple Objective Decision Making
Supply Network
Performance Evaluation
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 供應鏈網路為公司之間的信息和技術如何在這些供應鏈之間流動。由於快速的技術進步,具有基本供應鏈的公司可以將其發展成更為複雜的結構。供應網路考慮了供應鏈中各個環節的環境問題,促進經濟與環境的協調發展。若只針對供應鏈上的單一組織做績效評估,無法針對不同的影響因子提供完整的分析結果。只以資料包絡法導入投入、產出值評估績效,無法分析供應鏈網路的績效。網路資料包絡分析法考慮組織或供應網路的結構,探討系統內部結構與內部流程之間的互動及影響以評估績效,可以分析無明確關聯的因子之間效率的方法,為近年來新興之方法,但因供應網路組成公司的投入、產出之資訊未必完整接露,因此,使用傳統網路資料包絡法評估績效,亦有其限制。為解決前述問題,本研究擬定義一個可分析不明確數值之模糊規劃,將可以(1)以供應鏈或供應網路整體的觀點來評估效率;(2)分析內部生產活動,並可以了解由於生產率降低,對產出造成的影響;(3)解決供應網路組成公司的投入、產出之資訊接露不完整的問題。本研究將以我國半導體業包含設計服務、晶圓代工、封裝、與測試之完整供應網路實證本研究之可行性,實證研究之結果,可作為改善績效之參考外,也可作為投資者評估投資標的或投資組合時的依據。
The supply network refers to how information and technology flows be-tween companies across these supply chains. Due to rapid technological pro-gress, companies with basic supply chain can develop into more complex structures. Supply network considering the companies of each link in the sup-ply chain, focus on the coordinated development of economy. If the decision makers only evaluate the performance of a single organization in the supply chain, they cannot provide a complete analysis result for different factors. The data envelopment analysis is used to evaluate the performance of the input and output values. The performance of the whole supply chain network cannot be evaluated. The network data envelopment analysis method considers the structure of the organization or supply network, discusses the interaction and influence between the internal structure and the internal process of the system to evaluate the performance, and analyzes the efficiency among the unrelated factors. The input and output information of the supply network is not neces-sarily exposed. Therefore, the traditional network data envelopment analysis (DEA) method has some limitations. In order to solve the above problems, this study will define a fuzzy programming formula which can be used to analyze the uncertain values and provide; (1) to evaluate the efficiency of the supply chain or supply network as a whole; (2) analyze internal production activities and understand the impact on output as a result of reduced productivity; (3) to solve the supply network composed of input and output, the problem of in-complete information disclosing. This research will include the feasibility of design services, foundry, packaging, and testing the complete supply network the empirical study in Taiwan's semi-conductor industry. The results of empir-ical research can be used as a reference for improving the performance of the outside but also can be used as investors evaluate investment or portfolio basis.
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