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Title: 以機關王科學競賽探討個人利他特質、科學好奇心、團隊效能與向心力影響科學知識應用力之研究
Altruistic Tendency and Scientific Curiosity Predict Collective Efficacy and Cohesiveness that Reflect to the Applicability of Scientific Knowledge in GreenMech Contest
Authors: 洪榮昭
Hong, Jon-Chao
Hsu, Hui-Ting
Keywords: 利他特質
Altruistic tendency
scientific curiosity
collective efficacy
applicability of scientific knowledge
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 隨著二十一世紀科學快速變遷的時代,各國的技術快速發展於各項科學與新科技的研究,積極改善基礎的科學教育,以提倡課外之科學競賽,本研究以機關王競賽將其創意思考融入積木材料,應用科學知識及激發學生在作品設計的創意巧思,培養學生科學知識應用力是受到現代教育的重視,特別是參賽學生在參與團隊競賽過程當中,團隊成員個人特質的表現以及團隊互動之間所遇到問題並且討論與協調問題下,皆是賽程中是最重要的一部分,進而也會影響科學知識應用能力在競賽作品的呈現。 本研究對象範圍為2016年機關王世界賽之參賽學生,欲達成研究之目的以及證實樣本更明確,所以採取之抽樣方式為立意抽樣(purposive sampling),進行本研究問卷調查法為主的實施方式,共回收322份有效問卷,資料分析方法主要使用SPSS21及AMOS20統計軟體加以分析驗證,並以結構方程式(SEM)來檢定本研究的假設內容。本研究結果發現(1)個人利他特質對於團隊效能與團隊向心力皆呈現正向相關(2)個人科學好奇心對於團隊效能與團隊向心力皆呈現正向相關(3)團隊效能與團隊向心力之間以及兩者對於科學知識應用力皆呈現為正向相關。因此,對於在競賽過程當中,團隊成員個人若具有利他特質與科學好奇心,會提升團隊之間共同產生出效能以及向心力,在團隊向心力會影響團隊效能,為達到共同一致的目標,進而彼此團隊之間的科學知識應用力也會隨之提高。
To study the group performance in STEM competition is very essential to promote the group capability to win. How group members’ characteristics affect group cohesiveness underlies their knowledge application that affects their competition performance has been rare studied. This study aimed to explore the correlates among individual characteristics (i.e., altruistic tendency and scientific curiosity), collective states (i.e., collective efficacy and cohesiveness) that affect scientific knowledge application. In line this attempting, this study took a STEAM competition, named GreenMech contest, which required 4 members in a group to assembly all parts to many conjunctures for ball to run and trigger next juncture function in the morning and to be assessed in the afternoon. The most scoring index in this assessment was scientific knowledge applications in the whole design. Taken this assessment, this study additionally used questionnaire survey for participants to self-rate their perceptions on those individual traits and collective states. Purposive sampling method was used, and data of 322 was collected in 2016 GreenMech contest, then SPSS21 and AMOS20 were applied to confirm the hypotheses by the confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling. The present results showed that: (1) Altruistic tendency was positively related to collective efficacy and cohesiveness. (2) Scientific curiosity was positively related to collective efficacy and cohesiveness. (3) Collective efficacy was positively related to cohesiveness, and two collective states were positively related to applicability of scientific knowledge. The implication of this study suggested that the team members have higher level of altruistic tendency and scientific curiosity can provide collective efficacy and cohesiveness which facilitate them to achieve competition goal by increasing the applicability of scientific knowledge in the contest.
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