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Title: 添加奈米二氧化矽於四行程機車機油中綜合性能與廢氣排放影響之研究
The study on four-stroke motorcycle engine performance and exhaust emissions using engine oil with nano silica additive
Authors: 呂有豐
Lue, Yeou-Feng
Lo, Shih-Ting
Keywords: 奈米二氧化矽
nano silica
Tribology Experiment
Fuel consμmption
engine performance
Exhaust emissions
Particulate matter pollution
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 本研究針對四行程機車,添加奈米二氧化矽於原廠指定使用的機油中,研究機車在運行時的定油門車速(km/h)、燃料消耗率(km/L)、廢氣污染排放以及粒狀汙染物(PM)值做為實驗成果的效益評估。本研究總共試驗了0.5、1.5、2.5、3.5、4.5 wt.%的奈米二氧化矽機油,最後選定磨潤試驗表現較佳的3.5 wt.% 奈米二氧化矽機油。在磨潤試驗中,添加3.5 wt.% 的奈米二氧化矽粉體機油相較無添加奈米二氧化矽的機油,平均降低42.43 % 的磨耗量。在ECE-40行車型態的燃料消耗率(km/L)、爬坡度、定速測試,添加3.5 wt.%奈米二氧化矽的機油,在ECE-40行車型態的燃料消耗率測試平均增加了15.22 %的燃油效耗率,定油門開度測試平均車速增加了10.30 %,爬坡度測試平均車速增加了15.78 %,PM值測試0.3 μm顆粒平均增加了142.48 %、CO平均減少了16.9 %、HC平均減少8.36 %。奈米二氧化矽機油可以提供較佳的潤滑效果,在未來將可以測試複合奈米材料,測試其對於機車燃料消耗率、引擎溫度以及廢氣汙染排放的影響效益。
In this study, nano silica (nano SiO2) was added in to the original named engine oil. It also be experimented on the four-stroke motorcycle. The characteristics of driving-experiment, which includes speed performance, specific fuel consμmption, and the exhaust emissions, such as HC, CO and PM, were estimated as experimental results for the further benefit evaluation. Nano SiO2-engine oil with 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 wt.% included have been conducted. It came out that the best tribology experimental came to the engine oil with 3.5 wt.% nano SiO2 added. During the tribology experimental of nano SiO2-engine oil, the engine oil with 3.5 wt.% nano SiO2 added decreased an average of 42.42 % abrasion loss. The fuel consμmption (km/L), climbing capacity, constant velocity testing. The engine oil with 3.5wt.% nano SiO2 added increased the fuel consμmption, speed of fixed throttle testing, climbing capacity and 0.3μm particle with 15.22 %, 10.3 %, 15.78 % and 142.48 %, respectively. Besides, it also decreased the CO and HC with 16.9 % and 8.36 %, respectively. Overall, the engine oil with 3.5 wt.% nano SiO2 added improved the effect of lubricating. In the future, the examination of nano material includes motorcycle fuel consμmption, engine temperature and exhaust emissions would be conducted.
Other Identifiers: G060470035H
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